NFL Advertisers are Definitely Uneasy Amid Protests and Ratings

NFL Advertisers are Definitely Uneasy Amid Protests and Ratings

NFL Advertisers are Definitely Uneasy Amid Protests and Ratings

The NFL advertisers might be uneasy but a lot of them are anything but nervous. Amid the many ‘scandals’ that are currently being seen amidst the NFL many people are forgetting that the advertisers don’t generally pick sides. The only thing that really matters to them is whether or not they’re getting the exposure for their products that they need, and within and outside of the NFL that exposure is still being attained in many different ways.

The NFL isn’t going anywhere, so advertisers might be just a bit keyed in to the fact that things could start to get a little hectic, but there’s nothing to say that anything is going to pop off any time soon and cost them any serious money. The number of people actually boycotting the NFL is kind of a joke really since one way or another they still feed into it. Whether it’s checking the TV to see when the games are on so that they can avoid them or checking the scores and news on social media the boycott isn’t going quite as smoothly as some would like because they’re STILL PARTICIPATING in NFL news and chat rooms.

And besides that, there are plenty of people content to not be sheep and follow the growing opinions of those that wish to boycott or the NFL as players push their own agenda. The majority of football fans just want to watch the game and leave the politics at the door. Advertisers would certainly rest easier if this could be accomplished and could go back to counting their profits rather than eyeballing their bottom line occasionally. People need to calm down, relax, and understand the very simple truth, you can love your country and your sport at the same time.

The ratings have dropped, that much is true, but the protests are not bound to go away so long as the players have something worth saying. Even if it’s not something that people want to hear the platform was set last year and the stage has continued to grow as more and more players continue to build the momentum of these protests and attempt to justify them in many different ways.

Are the protests right? That’s a matter of opinion really. My own is that the players could have done this kind of protesting any time during the off season and made just as much of an impact. But bringing the politics onto the field seemed like a bad idea. It was their right obviously. In this nation every person has the right to protest anything that happens to offend them, but doing such a thing in this particular venue has upset a lot of people and could have possibly been avoided by thinking it through first.

There’s mass injustice in the world to be honest. It’s not bound to go away overnight or even in a year’s time, but protesting in this fashion isn’t doing much good, and in truth it’s doing more harm to the sport of football than it is to alleviate the problems in America.


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