Scott Baio Fights Back: A Turning Point in the #MeToo Movement?

Scott Baio Fights Back: A Turning Point in the #MeToo Movement?

Scott Baio Takes a Stand Against #MeToo Accusations

Scott Baio, along with his wife, is refusing to adopt the passive attitude that many men targeted by the #MeToo movement have displayed. Instead, he took to Facebook Live to post a 15-minute statement addressing the accusations made by Nicole Eggert and Alexander Polinsky, who, after 24 years, decided to accuse the successful actor. Baio’s response was to challenge them, essentially saying, “Bring it on.” As of this writing, they haven’t.

Accusers’ Faded Limelight and the Timing of Allegations

The accusers, Eggert and Polinsky, are two actors whose time in the limelight has long since faded. Eggert hasn’t done anything noteworthy since 2014, and Polinsky has been picking up scraps of work, mainly voiceovers. The #MeToo movement has been ongoing since October of last year, so why have they waited four months to come forward? It seems that after major accusers in the limelight (Oscars, Grammys, etc.) have had their say, the two decided the time was right.

Nicole Eggert’s Life Struggles and the Accusations

Eggert had no problem posing as a “Baywatch” babe for 44 episodes, two years after “Charles in Charge” ended. Since her fame dwindled in 1994, she filed for bankruptcy in 2013 and sold her home in 2015, according to TMZ. Her life has taken a downturn, but instead of taking responsibility, she has chosen to go political and try to bring down someone who once described her as “a close friend.” There was no mention of these accusations for over two decades, even when her life was spiraling downward five years ago. So why target Baio now?

Politics, Social Media, and the #MeToo Movement

It turns out that Eggert commented on a tweet referring to Baio’s support of Donald Trump, stating, “Ask what happened in his garage at his house when I was a minor. Creep.” Baio mentioned in his Facebook Live video that Eggert first brought up the accusations in 2012 during her failed attempt at two reality shows. Baio likely dismissed it as self-promoting hype at the time, which no one paid attention to. However, the #MeToo movement has provided the perfect vehicle for her to revive the charges. (She may have taken a cue from Dylan Farrow.)

Scott Baio’s Defense and the Role of His Wife, Renee Sloan

It will be interesting to see the outcome of this social media battle. Baio has no reason to back down, as he appears to have a wealth of evidence proving Eggert and Polinsky are lying. points out that “4. Baio’s Wife, Renee Sloan, a Stuntwoman, Is Coaching Baio to Convince The World That Eggert is Lying.” This is a positive development, as husband and wife are teaming up and demonstrating unity. Unlike many wives of the accused, Sloan is giving a good name to marriage and to believing their husbands aren’t creeps. Being a stuntwoman undercuts the idea that she is some passive wallflower who mindlessly does what her husband tells her, which poses a significant problem for the #MeToo supporters.

A Turning Point in the #MeToo Movement?

While it may be a stretch, this situation could potentially mark a turning point in the #MeToo movement. It’s unlikely that Eggert and Polinsky will retract anything publicly, but the evidence Baio has made publicly available significantly undermines their story. Be sure to give equal credit to his wife, Renee, who has been a supporter, defender, and coach of her husband against the #MeToo troops.

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