Nicki Minaj Paying Student Loans And Tuition For Her Biggest Fans

I’ll be the first person to admit that I’m not a huge Nikki Minaj fan.  It’s nothing personal.  I just don’t like her music all that much.  I’m sure that Minaj is reading this and actually cares.  Plus I don’t know.  Her look isn’t my cup of tea.  Granted I’m a big fan of many of those outfits she wears but overall, eh, I don’t know.  I’m mentioning this stuff because even I know when to give someone praise and what Minaj did over the weekend is very deserving of praise.   According to Uproxx

After recently joining the video-dubbing app, issuing a #RegretInYourTears challenge to her fans to record creative videos dancing to her latest single, promising to fly out her favorites to hang out in the studio with her or visit with her at the Billboard Music Awards. But when @cjbydesign replied to one of the contest tweets with a tweet of his own – “Well you wanna pay my tuition?” they sparked a whole different sort of challenge on Nicki’s timeline.

This wound up resulting in a slew of tweets and messages that involved Minaj not only paying on student’s loans but a whole bunch.  I don’t care what you or I think about Nikki Minaj as an entertainer or person, no celebrity has to do what she did.  That’s got my ultimate respect.  Check out the tweets below:

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