10 Things You Didn’t Know about Heath Moore

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Heath Moore

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Heath Moore

For some people, cars are nothing more than an way to get from point A to point B. To Heath Moore, however, cars are much more than that. Over the years, Heath has come to think of cars as a work of art and has made an entire career out of his ability customize the interior of any car. In 2007, Heath gained widespread recognition thanks to the show Texas Metal which aired until 2020. In the series, viewers were able to get a behind the scenes look at Heath’s impressive creativity and some of the things he could do work cars was almost unbelievable. Although the show is over, Heath still has a large and dedicated fan base that loves seeing his work. Continue reading for 10 things you didn’t know about Heath Moore.

1. Texas Metal Is His Only TV Experience

Heath has been around cars for most of his life, and he probably never imagined that he would eventually become a reality TV star. However, life has a funny way of bringing people to places they never thought they’d be. That being said, Heath doesn’t appear to have any interest in making a career out of being on TV. Texas Metal is the only show he’s ever been on and he hasn’t expressed any interest in wanting to do more TV.

2. Interiors Aren’t His Only Passion

Over the years, Heath has become widely known for his talents when it comes to designing and executing handmade car interiors. What some people may not know is that interiors aren’t the only thing he enjoys when it comes to cars. He is also very skilled when it comes to car audio systems.

3. He Enjoys Teaching Others

Once some people reach a certain level in their careers, they become stingy about sharing information. Heath has never been like that, however. Not only does he love sharing his skills with viewers, but he also likes teaching up and comers in the industry how to do some of his techniques. As a result, Heath has earned the respect of several other talented people in the automobile industry.

4. He Tested Positive For COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted countless people all over the world and Heath is one of the people who was directly effected by the virus. He tested positive in early 2021, but fortunately he was able recover without any serious of long lasting effects.

5. He Is All About Family

Heath is a very devoted family man and he likes to incorporate his loved ones in ever aspect of his life. His wife, Rebecca, and his daughter, Kyra, are both involved his his business, Heath Moore Interiors. Even when the family isn’t working, they enjoy spending time together.

6. He Is A Fairly Private Person

Just because Heath has been on reality TV doesn’t mean that he wants to share his entire life with the world. He’s actually relatively private and has kept most information regarding his personal life away from the public. He hasn’t done many interviews and his online content is almost entirely focused on his work.

7. He Has A YouTube Channel

Heath’s time on TV may be over, but that doesn’t mean his fans can’t still see him in action. Heath started a YouTube channel where he records video footage from various projects he’s working on. At the moment, the channel has less than 700 subscribers but has gotten more than 7,000 total views.

8. He Sells Merch

Keeping up with Heath’s content isn’t the only way you can show support for his work. Heath also sells branded merchandise through his website. At the moment it doesn’t look like he has anything in stock but some of the items he’s sold in the past include hats, masks, and t-shirts.

9. All Of His Designs Are One Of A Kind

One of the things that makes Heath’s work so special is the fact that he does everything by hand. Before starting projects he draws out a unique concept that pushes his creativity to the limit. Every project he works on is one of a kind and Heath Moore Interiors never does the same design twice.

10. He Is Very Active On Social Media

Those who are interested in following Heath Moore on social media will be happy to know that he’s a very frequent poster. In addition to having almost 14,000 followers, he has well over 1,000 posts on his Instagram profile and he lives sharing photos of the different projects he’s working on. Occasionally, he will also share some photos with his wife and daughter.

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