New Yorkers are Hoping Cynthia Nixon is Like Her “Sex and the City” Character “Miranda”

Right now New Yorkers are hoping that actor Cynthia Nixon is more like her character Miranda from Sex and the City than ever since she’s making an attempt to become the next governor of New York. Putting aside the fact that she has no political experience she is still very committed to the causes that she’s championed and more and more people are hoping that the persona of Miranda will be what they see during her campaign. The reason for this is simple, when the rest of the ladies on Sex and the City were doing their best to look good and present themselves in as fashionable a manner as ever Miranda was doing her best to work her butt off and take care of the type of things that were far more important than what shoes she was wearing and which party she was attending that night.

It’s easy to say that she wasn’t the most popular character on the show in the past but it’s also easy to see that now with the MeToo movement that she’s the right woman to stand up and try to fit the bill in an era when women of all ages need a role model to rally around. There’s just that pesky notion that she has no political background and no experience at all to fall back on. It’s not so much that it would hamper her against an opponent that has years of political experience, it’s more to the point that she might not understand just how the game works. Make no mistake, the political arena in any state is something that’s a race to be won and a game to be played behind the scenes where a lot of us don’t see. That’s where Cynthia’s chances could come crumbling down if Governor Cuomo finds it necessary to start fighting unfairly to keep his spot.

Of course the mudslinging that could be coming isn’t illegal and the idea of pushing Cynthia out isn’t a foregone conclusion, but having no experience doesn’t help her unfortunately. Being a tough as nails character on a TV show is a lot different than being tough in the real world where there are real consequences when one doesn’t know the job well enough. If she did manage to win it could be that she would be a quick study and would be able to serve better than Cuomo, but it might also happen that she could get into office and stall since she doesn’t yet have the full grasp of what she’ll be in for. Wanting a person to be more like the character they play on TV is great and all, but unless they can really pull it off, and here’s hoping she could, then the smoke and mirrors don’t last long enough to fool that many people.

Some folks don’t believe that actors should get into politics while others think that given the chance they could do some good. What will happen with Nixon has yet to be seen, but a lot of people are hoping it will be a promising new beginning.

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