Netflix’s True Story Ending Explained

Netflix’s True Story Ending Explained

Netflix’s True Story Ending Explained

Kevin Hart and Wesley Snipes are the modern-day Cain and Abel in their seven-series project True Story with Netflix. In this melodramatic thriller, Kevin Hart plays a fictionalized version of himself a troubled comedian that rises to fame from the poor, gritty streets of Philadelphia. Everything he’s worked hard for is threatened when he comes home to Philly while on tour to promote his big movie with Liam Hemsworth that’s projected to generate a billion dollars. While in his hometown on business, Kevin spends time with his brother Carlton played by Wesley Snipes. The love between the two brothers is undeniable, but it’s also clear pretty early on that Carlton is the brother that constantly needs saving from problems that he inflicts upon himself such as the restaurant that Kid invested in for him going under and now owing a 600,000 debt to some very scary people. Carlton sways Kid to abandon his sobriety for just one night to celebrate his recent successful endeavors at a nightclub he takes him to. It was the worst decision that Kid made because he wakes up with a dead girl in his bed hours later that according to Carlton overdosed on Oxycontin. Carlton convinces Kid not to call the police as it would be a bad look for his career. Instead, he calls in a “fixer” who turns out to be a Greek mob boss named Ari to help dispose of Daphne’s body. When Ari tries to extort Kid for millions of dollars, Kid completely loses it. Everyone always has their hands in his pocket. Kid makes another bad decision. He strangles Ari to death. Over the next six episodes, we watch things go from bad to worse as Kid and Carlton attempt to conceal from Ari’s dangerous brothers that they are connected to his murder. The tension grows between the two brothers as they struggle to keep things under wraps. Kid also has to focus on his career, which seems to be crumbling behind the scenes because his team is tired of his antics a particularly the ones that involve catering to his mooching brother.

Who Takes The Fall For Ari’s Murder?

Ari’s brothers end up taking the life of Gene, a superfan that Kid took under his wings when he found out that Gene followed him the night they disposed of Ari’s body and recorded a video of him. Gene was harmless and his adoration of Kid made him the perfect fall guy. Carlton sets Gene up by giving him Ari’s watch as a token of appreciation for looking out for his brother. Just when everything seems to be falling back in place. Kid learns some shocking truths that put everything into perspective for him.

What happens to Daphne’s Body?

Kid sees a picture of Daphne on Carlton’s phone and finds out that she’s his girlfriend and her real name is Simone. Kid discovers that she is alive and that her “overdosing” was part of a bigger plan to extort him for money. Carlton promised her $200,000 if she went along with the plan. Simone ends up getting killed by Ari’s men when they find out the truth about Carlton and Kid’s involvement in their brother’s death. Ari’s brothers came looking for  Carlton at his apartment and when they shoot her in the head for not cooperating with them.

Why Does Kid Kill Carton?

When Ari’s brothers arrive at the stadium to kill Kid and Carlton they end up chasing them down. Kid ends up using his wounded security guard gun to kill the Ari brothers in self-defense. At the last minute, he turns the gun on his brother and shoots him right in the head. The surface-level reason why Kid killed his brother was that he needed a good cover story to tell the cops and it couldn’t be whatever story that Carlton was planning on telling when he promised to “fix it” after Kid shot the mobsters. The truth is that Carlton intentionally caused every single problem that Kid had throughout the season. He asked his brother for $600,000 in the beginning of the series and Kid begrudgingly planned to give it to him. Carlton still was going to go through with his plan to extort Kid for six million dollars through Ari. In the end, Kid realizes that he would always be killing up his brother’s mess if he didn’t end the cycle now.

Why Did Kid Lie About Carlton’s Involvement On The Last Interview?

Since the incident was so public and happened at the stadium, Kid had to do an interview where he provided an explanation that sounded believable. Remember, it was always about protecting his career. The more realistic story was that mobsters were extorting him because his brother owed them money. In a way, Kid also didn’t want to tarnish the memory of his brother. He wanted to remember Carlton as his brother, not some evil villain that tried to get him for his money.Philadelphia

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