10 Interesting Facts about Netflix’s Ultraman (Manga)

In the popularized series in Japan, from Nebula M78, the Land of Light, Ultraman is an alien. He chased Bemular down to planet Earth. During his tenure on Earth, he merged with Shin Hataya. He defended Earth against Kaiju. Ultraman was then recalled back after he battled Zetton. The title Ultraman comes from his human host. Additionally, he is the first Ultra who visited the Earth. Arguably, Ultraman is the face of the whole Ultra franchise. The Netflix Ultraman version is, however, slightly different from the original. The anime offers a fresh start to the superhero series. So, what are some of the facts about Netflix Ultraman? Together with Tsuburaya productions and Production I.G, Netflix came up with the anime film to gain a broader audience base. Here are 10 things you need to know about this 2019 anime:

The Original Series Premiered in 1966

With countless spinoffs and sequels, the first Ultraman episode aired on 17th July 1966 in Japan. The series was only aired for one year. In the first episode, in a battle with the monster Bemler, Ultraman crashed down from space into the Earth. Ultraman, in the chaos, accidentally destroyed Shin’s plane. In his bid to save the pilot’s life, he gives Shin the ability to transform to Ultraman. He does this by merging into one of their life forces. Thus, Shin Hataya gets the ability to fight monsters at all times.

Not Your Usual Ultraman

The original Ultraman series fans may not understand the structure in the new Ultraman show. The “Ultramen” in this series source their powers from a powered iron man-like armor made by man. What’s more? All Ultraman battles are sleek martial-arts combat and street-level. You will not see even a single fight of giant monsters. The new Ultraman’s arms generate 2-arc beams along his forearm’s length. He uses this for attack or defense. Otherwise, the artificial suit feels and looks quite like the original Ultraman’s suit. It still has its grey-red color scheme, and on the chest, it has a crystal Color Timer.

Other Ultra Brothers

In every new season, the Ultraman original series introduced a new protagonist. In the new Ultraman anime, the continuity doesn’t exist. A hero in the Ultra Seven series in 1967, Dan Moroboshi, comes up in Ultraman. He is a stern member of the Science Special Search Party. He mentors the inexperienced and young Shinjiro. He’s constantly mocking Shinjiro and telling him he does not qualify to be in the Ultra suit. However, Shinjiro later gets a suit by himself. It looks the same as the original spikier Ultraman suit. The Netflix series brings back Jack. He lives in an underground city in Tokyo, and he works for the SSSP as a human informant.

Heroes, Villains, and Allies

Ultra-fans may recognize some of the original monsters in the Netflix Ultra show. One of the monsters is Bemular. In the Netflix Ultraman, Bemular has a suspicious Ultra-like armor. He is a floating humanoid that is silver in color. The Bemular in the original Ultraman series was grabby. He was a Godzilla-like lizard. Also, in the new Ultraman series, other old monsters crop up with their names in reverse. Ultraman has Adacic in place of Cicada from the original series. The alien has mechanical pincers and a long tongue. Agent Dada comes back as Agent Adad. So this is how the monsters are re-created. Some of the aliens are not so bad – We see the alien Yapool building an Ultra suit for Seiji and taking care of him. Yapool is a kind version of the same character from the Ultraman Ace.

The Ultras Have a Beam Attack

The Ultra franchise has an Ultra Beam in different names, such as Ultraman’s Ace Metallium Ray. Another variation in the style and position of the beam is the Ultraseven Emerium Ray. The beam comes from the forehead. Regardless of how and where the beam gets unleashed, this is a critical element of the Ultra’s weaponry.

Hilarious and Amazing Monsters

The monsters of Kaiju, or Ultraman, get an appreciation from the fans. These monsters are humorous and scary in equal measure, whether it is the terror of the Dinosaur tank, or the Baltan race shooting lighting through their claws, or King Joe, the walking spaceship. They are as memorable and iconic as the giant heroes.

The Multiverse of the Ultra Series

Even though all the new Ultraman series stand alone, the events are a continuation of the previous series. In the Ultraman multiverse, there are multiple universes, each with a home for the various Ultras from the franchise. The Ultraman Zero, Ultra Q, Ultraman Tiga, and the Galactic Empire confirm that the multiverse exists.

Ultras Possess a Color-Coded Weakness

All the Ultras in the Ultraman franchise possess a warning light or the Color Timer. The gemstone on their chests glows in colors blue to red. It indicates the Ultras’ power loss. The Ultras require solar energy to have their powers. Before depletion of the power, the light always gives a warning.

Ultraman’s Influence in Pop Culture

Ultraman has brought about multiple parodies, references, and homages. They include Ben Tenneson, inspired by Ultraman WayBig, and Jet Jaguar of Godzilla Films. Others include the Big Man Japan. Other Ultraman villains who get attention are such as the Alien Baltan.

Ultraman’s Design is like an Alien

Earlier editions of the Ultraman appeared to be too dreadful. The designers had to make him seem more human. The Ultraman design incorporates ancient Egypt, Greece, the European Renaissance, and alien aesthetics. His fin, running from the mouth to the top of his head, reinforces his extraterrestrial origin. The choice of colors makes Ultraman look as heroic and alien as possible. The silver color shows the spacecraft’s advanced technology.

The Verdict

Ultimately, Netflix’s Ultraman comes off as a conjoined version with the original series. It builds a seemingly streamlined version from bits and pieces of other series. The Ultra super fans have something to look forward to with this information about the new Ultraman series. Are you an anime fan? Comment below!

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