I Need To Find this Better Call Saul Book Right Now Because It’s $1

At first I thought this picture was completely fake.  As it turns out there’s an actual Better Call Saul book that can be purchased at Dollar Tree.   Yes, you can go online and purchase it at Barnes and Noble or even Amazon for $12 but it turns out this thing is available at Dollar Stores at the moment.   Here’s a description for the book:

Drug problem? Better call Saul. He’ll turn that addiction into a prescription. Warrant out for your arrest? Better call Saul. He knows a guy who knows a guy who will take care of it. Saul Goodman is Alburquerque’s finest ‘criminal’ lawyer, but fans know that there is more to him than his unique brand…

Turns out that in reality it’s a bunch of advertising for Saul. Plus some short stories.  There’s also a brief history of Walt and Saul’s relationship and a few other random things throughout. The number on the front is the icing on the cake.  It actually works and you need to call it.   I can’t give away what happens.

P.S. Anyone else getting even more revved up for season 3?  I sure am.

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