NCIS: Los Angeles Review: NCIS is Targeted, But Have They Been Betrayed?

NCIS: Los Angeles Review: NCIS is Targeted, But Have They Been Betrayed?

NCIS: Los Angeles

After two years of build-up, the mole conspiracy on NCIS: Los Angeles is finally kicking into high gear with the promise of a conclusion. If you’re a fan of the special agents, you’re not going to enjoy what it takes for them to catch the mole. This is mostly because the cat-and-mouse game that has been going on for the last few years takes a horrible turn. Not one, not two, but almost every member of the NCIS: Los Angeles Special Operations team is systematically taken out. The motivation to find the mole is no longer about everyone’s jobs, it’s about their lives.

Granger wakes up with no memory of how he ended up in a room with the bloody, half-conscious woman NCIS connected to the mole, and is arrested on site. This is the worst possible time for Heather to be seen as the sole victim. Under Secretary Dugan unceremoniously returns to Los Angeles to kick Hetty out of NCIS, having no idea the trouble that Granger is in at the moment. Keeping the secret that one federal agent is in LAPD custody is hard to keep secret from Dugan; four federal agents in custody is impossible! The team doesn’t get a chance to figure out what is going on before Deeks and Sam and Callen are arrested!

The oh so lovely Internal Affairs Detective Whiting returns to joyfully slap cuffs on Deeks when new evidence magically appears in his cold case. Sam is arrested by the DEA when a dead body and drugs are found in the trunk of his car, and ATF arrests Callen by tracking his phone. We may have had some resistance to putting Kensi back in the field so quickly, but it’s the only choice when she is literally the only field agent left standing. Deeks, Sam, and Callen suffer through uncomfortable interviews and assumptions made by fellow law enforcement. No one is willing to listen. So much for the courtesy of fellow law enforcement.

Whoever the mole is, he or she isn’t satisfied with just framing NCIS. Granger is stabbed multiple times before he can even get to a jail cell. Kensi has no chance of getting to Granger in the hospital, but she can get to Heather. She and Eric stage a sting operation to make Heather think she is being targeted so she will come with Kensi willingly before LAPD can find out. Hetty finally lets Dugan into the loop, both because she has no choice, and because she realizes Dugan has more to lose than to gain from a witchhunt of NCIS. No sooner does Dugan full support the team than a SWAT team surrounds the boat shed. Dugan literally steps into the line of fire for his team, and is shot by a sniper for it. SWAT doesn’t let an unknown shooter stop them from barging into the boat shed, forcing Hetty and Kensi to flee.

Who can help NCIS now?

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