NCIS: Los Angeles Review: Did NCIS Find Their Mole?

NCIS: Los Angeles

The clock is ticking for NCIS to catch the mole who has been terrorizing and compromising their department for two years. Thus far progress has been very slow and the team can’t afford any false leads or missteps. The violence has already been brought to Hetty, Granger, and Sam’s doorsteps. Now it makes it’s way to Callen’s home, just has he has started to feel comfortable in one place. It seems cruelly ironic that Callen’s homestead should be compromised now that he has a father, a half-sister, and a nephew to keep track of; that is, whenever he gets around to telling said sister they are related. While an attack right outside Callen’s house doesn’t bode well for anyone’s personal safety, it does bring NCIS: Los Angeles one step closer to figuring out who is after them.

The investigation into NCIS’s mole intensifies when two fake sheriffs are killed by an unknown assailant on Callen’s front lawn. Since they have no clues to go on other than the shooter being a woman, they have to get their leads in a bit of a backwards way. Since Sam and Hetty have gotten all they can out of their traitor Carl, Nell decides to take one last crack at him. The guy loves being able to use the time to laugh at Nell, but she doesn’t break either. Nell doesn’t need Carl to break, she just needs to put in her time so that the other inmates think that Carl is spilling his guts. A $50,000 bounty is easy money for an inmate, and Carl is a sitting duck whether or not he is in isolation. Thinking that he is any kind of a tough guy is Carl’s Achilles heel. Carl believes that his contact and girlfriend Natalie is dead because she hasn’t contacted him, and that whoever she was working for killed her months prior. The only way Nell knows Carl is telling the truth is because he gives her meeting locations as proof. It turns out Natalie is very much alive, since she’s the one who approached Callen’s house.

Her victims turn out to be army vets working for a solar company, a front for a private contracting firm. It makes no sense that Natalie would kill them if they were trying to stop her from getting to Callen, unless she wasn’t trying to hurt Callen. This is the problem with a life of crime. When push comes to shove, people you claim to have loyalty to end up being loose ends. Natalie was so desperate to save herself she had no choice but to turn to the people she tried to kill for help. Though she initially tries to negotiate information, Hetty knows Natalie needs them more than they need her. Natalie barely has a chance to tell Callen and Sam that she works for someone named Ray before she is killed by gunfire. Eric pulls up footage that proves Ray is a woman who tried to pick up Granger in a bar a few months back. She hasn’t returned since. Even though Granger, Sam, and Callen are going to try to lure her out, it doesn’t look like that is going to work. One step forward, two steps back.

Then there are some things that never change. NCIS could use Kensi right now, but what they need is Kensi at her best. Let’s remember that Kensi didn’t grow up with her mother doting on her, so the weight of both Deeks’s mother and her own hovering is stifling. It’s a good thing the ladies get along with each other so they can commiserate when Kensi kicks them out. Kensi needs to work on her physical therapy, but she doesn’t need to literally climb the walls. She gets a little reprieve when her friend from physical therapy stops by, but you can tell how jealous Kensi is that he gets to go back to his unit while she is stuck at home. Kensi is needed by her team, but if she isn’t back at 100%, it would be too dangerous for her and everyone else to send her back in too early.

Will Kensi be able to get back on the team in time to help her team catch the mole?

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