10 Things You Didn’t Know about Nana Visitor

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Nana Visitor

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Nana Visitor

Many a Trekkie would likely recognize Nana Visitor as one of their favorite parts of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. She was a rather endearing character for many and while those that didn’t watch the show or don’t like Star Trek might not know her from there she’s appeared in many other shows as well during her career. She’s played many different kinds of roles and doesn’t generally get typecast as just one type of person or another, showing that she has a range that’s actually very impressive and able to paint her as a rather skilled individual that can move from one character to another without repeating much between them. Her career has been going pretty steadily along throughout the years and it seems as though she’s been enjoying life at the pace she follows at this time.

Here are a few things you might not know about her.

10. Her parents were dancers.

One might think that if a person’s parents are heavily into something that their child or children is going to be as well upon growing up, but obviously that’s not always the case. Instead Nana decided to get into acting and it seems that she made the right decision.

9. She was accepted to Princeton but didn’t attend.

It’s kind of hard to hear about people that have a chance to attend some of the best schools and receive the greatest opportunities only to turn them down. It almost seems like an insult to anyone that has attended or would like to attend such a school, but then again it’s all a matter of personal choice and Nana made hers.

8. She is very claustrophobic.

There were moments on the set when she had to wear various props that her claustrophobia just about got the better of her. The biggest problem with claustrophobia tends to come with realizing the severity of the condition.

7. She was on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

For a while Kira was one of the favorite characters since she was one of those that people seemed to idolize for various reasons. She did add quite a bit of sex appeal to the show, but many would argue that this was not what made her popular.

6. She’s been in the Dr. Who franchise as well.

In fact she’s on of many that have been in the Star Trek and Dr. Who franchises at one point in their career. There seems to be no doubt that she was very much into playing the roles of science fiction characters for a while.

5. Her career started in the 70s.

She’s been around a lot longer than some people seem to realize since folks might have thought that the role she took on DS9 was one of her best and most noted roles. In truth Nana has been showing what she could do for decades now.

4. She’s had roles in Family Guy.

When you really pull back and look at the various cast members that have lent their voices for Family Guy and the many different characters you can kind of see that the show has attracted a long list of notable names that have come from a wide variety of backgrounds.

3. She’s acted in a couple of theater productions.

There are a few plays on her resume, not many but enough to show that she’s stretched her talents out a little more than just film and TV. For many actors it’s a boon since it gives them a bit more experience and training in a way, allowing them to grow as individuals.

2. She’s lent her voice to a few video games.

As you can guess she voiced the role that she played in the show, that of Kira. It’s a special kind of treat for Star Trek fans that love to play the games however since it might seem awkward hearing the voice of another person trying to imitate one of the favored characters from the show.

1. She has an asteroid named after her.

Now how many people can make this claim? Asteroid 26733 Nanavisitor is the heavenly body that was named after her back in 2001, and if it hasn’t been changed then it’s likely still there. That’s actually kind of interesting to think that there’s a big chunk of rock up in space that scientists now know as Nanavisitor.

She’s still considered to be active though it doesn’t look like she’s done anything since 2017. It could be that she’s currently working on something or it could be that she’s decided to take some time to herself and explore other interests. The chances are good that she’ll be seen around however since she’s still got a big fan base and is still widely associated with the Star Trek franchise considering that her character racked up a great deal of popularity.

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