“The Murder of Laci Peterson:” What You Need to Know

“The Murder of Laci Peterson:” What You Need to Know

“The Murder of Laci Peterson:” What You Need to Know

A&E has just launched the first episode of a new documentary series titled “The Murder of Laci Peterson.” The premiere was Tuesday, August 15, 2017 at 10 p.m. Most of us are familiar with the name because it was a murder trial that filled the headlines and made the top of the news for weeks, over a decade ago. Laci disappeared in 2002 and it took a while for investigators to discover what had truly happened to her. Here is everything you need to know about the new docuseries.

The run time

This is a limited series that will run for six episodes. The entire true story has been broken down into six equal segments. It takes a new look at the trial of Scott Peterson, who was accused of being the perpetrator in his wife’s disappearance. It will offer an account of the incident and the aftermath from a factual point of view.

The docuseries will bring to light information that was obtained from interviews of the people who were involved in the trial, close to the event and even from Scott Peterson himself. The story will be told by presenting the facts as they happened in a captivating presentation of the case as it unfolded. “The Murder of Laci Peterson” goes into the prison where Peterson is serving his sentence after being convicted of the crime. The case received national attention and kept viewers glued to the news releases as more facts were discovered that helped in the solving of the case. It brings us a better understanding of how the American criminal justice system works, and reveals the external influences that had an impact on the system and ultimately, the case.

True stories without fabrication

We often see recreations on popular crime dramas, but this series is going to be much different. It takes a hard look at what is involved in telling the real story after the fact. Every year that passes results in greater refinements in investigative techniques and the tools that are used. It has been nearly fifteen years since the investigation of Laci’s disappearance, and later murder, was underway. As spectators, we waited to hear more news about the case, but the friends and family of the victim were living it every day. They deliver first hand information about what really happened from the start of the process to the conclusion.

Viewers will get the real story as it actually happened, vs a re-enactment that is based on assumptions and best guess answers. The pregnant Laci’s disappearance on Christmas eve was a mystery. The plot truly thickened when her then unborn child was found in the San Francisco Bay shoreline region. This was a horrific case that needed to be told. The details of her murder, including how, when and why were never told and these questions will remain a mystery.


When we reflect on the media handling of the case and the trial, the journalists, analysts and law enforcement professionals who worked on the case will be seen in the footage that is presented. These are the personalities that we will see during the docuseries. This will include the attorneys for the defense and prosecution who were involved in the case and its’ disposition.

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