Movies That Need a Reboot: Who’s That Girl?

Having asked a few people if they ever watched this movie it wasn’t too surprising to figure out that it was a flick that belonged to its generation and didn’t move forward along with the public’s ever-changing memory. But to say that would be a surprise might be a lie since the 1987 movie wasn’t exactly a smash hit. The movie didn’t even manage to make its budget back, though amazingly enough, not every critic blasted it, largely because Madonna was such a big name back then. Admittedly, she’s still a big name, but her star has faded over the years no matter how much people wanted to pretend it hasn’t. She’s not the same performer now as she was back then, and yet this movie is still endearing since, despite the squeaky voice she used and the fact that she’s a bit out of control throughout the movie, in a very amusing necessary way, the other actors around her in this movie helped to make the story what it was. It’s fair to say that not a lot of them have been seen that much over the years, but this movie was kind of funny. 

The main gist of the movie is that Nikki Finn, Madonna’s character, was sent to prison after being framed for the death of her boyfriend, who took a few pictures of a pimp and a prominent businessman that managed to get him killed. Upon her release, the businessman in question, who is also the soon-to-be father-in-law of the male lead in the movie, Louden Trott, played by Griffin Dunne, arranges for Nikki to be driven to the nearest bus station and sent as far away as she can be. Nikki has other plans however as upon meeting Loudon she turns Loudon’s world upside down as she takes him on several side trips that mess up his entire itinerary and jeopardizes his wedding, which is happening the next day. 

As the movie goes along the comedy continues to roll out in scene after scene as Madonna managed to show that she could in fact be funny and that her acting chops weren’t too bad either. Who might take her place in a reboot is kind of hard to say since there are likely a lot of women that would want the chance to show what they could do. It would even be kind of nice if some of the original actors could be found in order to give them set roles in the movie or perhaps cameo appearances that would be just as appreciated. However it could possibly happen, this is one of the movies that might actually benefit from a reboot since it was funny back in the 80s, but it’s likely that there might be a few scenes that might not be acceptable today, despite the hypocrisy of what we see on the big screen and on streaming on a regular basis. To be certain though, there wasn’t a lot of offensive material in this movie that could really be said to hurt anyone, as it was rather PC from start to finish, with perhaps only a few scenes that might have been suspect. But again, it’s nothing worse than what has been seen today. 

Out of all the movies that Madonna has been a part of, this was actually one of the more enjoyable ones since the comedy kind of brought out a different side of her that people hadn’t seen before, and it was interesting to see this part of the singer at that time. The whole idea of turning her into what appeared to be a fairly ditzy blonde was interesting since at that point no one had really seen her in this light yet. One has to take into account the fact Madonna has been seen as everything from seductive and alluring to dramatic, but funny was something that hadn’t been fully showcased at that time, and for an 80s movie this was perfect since had it come out in the 90s it might have been a lot different since as anyone should be able to reason, Madonna had hit a different gear at that point and things might not have turned out as they did in this feature. 

Perhaps it’s nostalgia biting me in a big way or something else, but the reboots that have come along in recent years have been good and bad at times, but there are movies that do feel as though they need another chance to be recognized and pushed once again to the forefront just to see if they can attract any attention this time around. The casting might be a little easier at this time, but it might also be a good idea to cast individuals that need a break and are actually good at what they do. If it ever happens it could be kind of fun to watch. 

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