Movie Review: Sweet Girl

Movie Review: Sweet Girl
Sweet Girl movie review: Jason Momoa's bland Netflix thriller has one of  the most bonkers plot twists in recent memory | Hollywood - Hindustan Times

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Action movies are always bound to stick around since the fanbase that enjoys this genre is always on the lookout for the next big thing, or sometimes, just whatever can get them by. Since he started in the business, Jason Momoa has become a huge name that a lot of people look forward to seeing. The thing about this, however, is that as much of a blockbuster star as he is, it’s certain that he’s going to show up in smaller movies that may or may not be the same caliber as something along the lines of Aquaman or other action movies that he’s starred in. Sweet Girl is one of the movies he’s starred in that isn’t exactly a blockbuster but is still a lot of fun to watch since it shows him as the family man once again, but also as someone that knows how to survive and how to really hurt people when he’s motivated to do so. He’s the kind of father figure you’d like to have simply because he could take care of his family without the need for bravado. 

credit: Sweet Girl

Threats made in anger don’t exactly mean much to people in power, or so this movie shows us. 

When his wife contracts a rare form of cancer, Ray, aka Momoa, is given hope when an experimental drug is discovered that might help. When it’s pulled off the market by Keeley, the BioPrime CEO that runs the company, Ray threatens Keeley by stating that if his wife dies, he’ll die as well. Keeley obviously doesn’t take this seriously since he has a way to justify what he’s done to the public, as is common in the movies and in real life. After Amanda’s death, it is shown that Ray has not given up and has been seeking a way to nail Keeley and anyone that’s been working with him but hasn’t found out how to do this yet. His daughter, Rachel, thinks he’s taking the matter too far, but when an informant decides to give Ray the information he needs, a hitman is sent to kill the informant, and he ends up knocking Rachel out and wounding Ray. 

The quest for revenge doesn’t end that easily. 

One would think that Ray and Rachel would just disappear and count themselves lucky that they were going to be left alone, but this is a Jason Momoa movie, so one can easily assume that his character is going to do what he thinks is right. Despite Rachel’s misgivings, Ray ends up killing Keeley and a few bodyguards and has to go on the run with Rachel as they seek to evade the hitman that’s still on their trail. At one point, Rachel does contact the FBI as she fears for her father and herself, even if she’s not ready to turn her father in. As the movie goes on, it becomes obvious that Ray has become a bit of a problem for those who are in the habit of taking care of loose ends that might present themselves, as he and Rachel have to find a way to keep themselves safe while trying to evade the hitman, Santos, that works for a would-be senator that was initially pushed as someone who was working against BioPrime and their many suspect practices. As the FBI continues to close in, however, a twist is revealed when Ray is cornered at PNC Park. 

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credit: Sweet Girl

PTSD can cause a wide array of effects, but losing your sense of identity is a serious issue.

When it’s revealed that Ray died of his wounds at the hands of Santos, the sudden reveal on top of PNC Park that Rachel has been completing her father’s personal mission is kind of a trip since it means that Rachel, who has been trained to fight, has been taking out grown men throughout her course of destruction. There are hints here and there that point to her real identity, but the appearance of her father in each of these instances would easily make the audience believe that he’s still alive. But as she aims to finish her mission, she ends up taking out Santos after a prolonged fight and exposing the senator for taking bribes and ordering hits on anyone who stood in BioPrime’s way. 

This story feels as though it would inspire people but not push them over the edge. 

A lot of people feel that their healthcare is designed to help those with money and those who are considered to be privileged citizens. But the fact is that there are those out there that don’t know the whole story, and there are those in control of said services that are less than trustworthy. As Rachel’s story plays out toward an uncertain future, though, it’s fair to say that taking action in such a manner is best left to the movies, not real life. 

Jason Momoa

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