A Collection of Memorable Movie Dance Offs


If there’s an increasing trend in movies, real life, social media, whatever you want to call it, it’s the “battle.” And battling can take a number of forms.  The most common battle for decades has been the rap battle.  Two guys go freestyle rap and dis each other for the duration of the contest.  Remember the movie 8 Mile?  There you go.  But over the years dance battles are becoming more prevalent in cinema and television.

And they are more specifically called “dance offs.” Dance offs are technically nothing new but their evolution in cinema has impressed me. So much so that I decided to gather a whole bunch of them for you. Here’s a fun collection of memorable movie dance offs

The Starsky and Hutch Dance Off

Do it. Do it.

Stiffler’s Dance Off – American Pie 3

As horrible as this movie was, this scene was worth watching.

Dance off From House Party

Man I loved this movie.

The Bavarian Dance Off -European Vacation


Eh, is it really a dance off? Good enough.

Jim Carrey in Once Bitten

Probably the best dance scene of all time.  Carrey has Michael Jackson moves!

Step Up 2

Nicely done.

You Got Served – Final Battle


Breakdance the Movie – 2nd Battle

What a classic.

Walkoff – Zoolander

There’s dancing so it totally counts

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