Missy Peregrym’s FBI Return Date is Set in Stone

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FBI fans love the series. What began as a little show about a couple of FBI agents in New York City working to take down the scum of the earth has turned into a franchise. From FBI to FBI: Most Wanted, the first spin-off follows a team of highly trained FBI agents who travel the country in search of the most wanted criminal of the moment. That turned into FBI: International, which follows a fly team of highly trained FBI agents based out of Budapest. They spend their time traveling to other European countries looking for criminals and helping save the day. Each of the three FBIs is fantastic, but it’s Missy Peregrym who is the best of the best.

Missy Peregrym is Agent Maggie Bell. It’s her life we follow most closely as an FBI agent. She’s the unspoken main character of the OG FBI series, and it’s not gone unnoticed that she’s not been part of the show in a while. We did bring you news over the summer that her character was not killed in the horrible incident in a spring episode – Maggie Bell is fine. But Missy Peregrym is a new mom to her second baby, and she wanted to take some time off work to give birth and raise her new daughter.

Missy Peregrym Made it Clear She’d Be Back

She’s made it clear that she would be back to her role as Agent Maggie Bell. We brought you news earlier in the summer that she would not be seen in the first episodes of the new season that premiered in September 2022, but she would be back. However, September came and went, and it’s November, and we have yet to see Missy Peregrym or even hear her name mentioned. It’s got fans worrying. Yes, she did say she’d be back. But people change their minds.

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Missy Peregrym’s Return Date Announced

Thankfully, we can all stop our worrying now. Sure, people change their minds. We all thought she might decide to give up acting and take care of her babies – and no one would blame her if she did. Selfishly, though, we’d all miss her and wish she came back to FBI. The good news for fans of the show is that a return date – return to the actual television screen date – is now public. She’ll be making her comeback as Agent Maggie Bell on the November 15, 2022, episode of FBI. She’s already made her work come back. She went to set to begin filming in September, so she is absolutely back.

Meet Missy Peregrym’s Darling Little Family

Now that you know Missy Peregrym is coming back to the FBI, and you have a date to see her face on television again, you can rest easy. You may also want to know a bit more about her newly-grown family of four. Missy Peregrym’s husband is where we will start. Like his wife, Tom Oakley is an actor. He’s from Australia, and he works just as hard as his wife. The couple married during her first season as Agent Maggie Bell. In fact, they will celebrate their fourth wedding anniversary on December 30, 2022.

Credit: @mperegrym

The newlyweds did not waste too much time beginning their little family, either. Their first child, a first for both, is a little boy. His name is Otis Paradis, and he was born on March 21, 2020. He’s the very definition of a COVID baby born just as the entire world was shutting down. This couple was given the rare gift of being able to spend ample time together as a new family of three to enjoy the precious newborn stage.

Their second baby – the reason Missy Peregrym was absent from FBI this season – was born on June 6, 2022. Her name is Mela Josephine, and we love how they announced the birth of their daughter. They didn’t. They simply welcomed her into the world and kept it to themselves until they were good and ready to tell everyone about their little girl. We didn’t know she was born until July 8, 2022.

It All Works Out

We kind of love that they did not rush. And while we are all so happy for this darling new family of four, we are glad she’s back. The show has gone on well and wonderfully without Missy Peregrym’s Agent Bell, but she is missed. Everyone has held up their own end of the game with professionalism and talent, but she is someone who is sorely missed despite the rest of the talent on the show. Welcome back, Agent Bell.

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