Five Memorable Bus Boy Scenes in TV Shows

Five Memorable Bus Boy Scenes in TV Shows

If you’ve ever worked in a restaurant or any type of food establishment then you’ll know that the busboys are essentially the peons of any establishment. Their pay is ridiculously low and they depend almost solely on tips. In the hierarchy of the restaurant business they might be the guys that can give a customer what they need and be the ones behind the scenes working everything out, but essentially whatever power they think they have is easily negated when it’s realized that they are in fact at the bottom of the ladder. But really, this is no reason to look down on them.

Remember, they’re a part of the system that handles and works with your food and can affect your dining experience.

5. Seinfeld

So is it just in the nature of the Seinfeld cast to be insulting or do they do it on accident? It’s hard to tell really because George seems to fumble through everything he does and Kramer, well, Kramer is just kind of in and out of the moment when he sees fit to participate. One thing about this episode though, there’s really no way people should be able to accept that a man living in New York can survive on a busboy’s wages. So it’s more feasible that he lost one job among two or three and not his only source of income.

4. Married with Children

It might just be a stint used to satisfy his community service but Al Bundy has been in this role before. Anyone that gets into as much trouble as he does should be used to this kind of treatment. Al is the kind of guy that dreams of the stars but usually winds up scraping the bottom of the barrel for his living. The worst part about being a busboy in this episode is that he doesn’t even get paid. Of course that’s not a far cry from his other job.

3. Game of Thrones

So I had to stretch the definition here just a bit. It’s not the fact that the servant is a girl, but more or less because in the time period there was no such thing as a busboy. The role was just part of being a servant that came with the territory. You were there for the lord’s amusement, enjoyment, and were kept based on how useful you were. Unfortunately for Lord Frey this was one servant he probably should have questioned a little further.

2. In Living Color

Hey mon! The Headley’s were the hardest-working family on In Living Color and proved it constantly by taking on as many as five or more different jobs per role. In this episode Tommy Lee Davidson was the boy in the hood, the busboy, chef Boy-ardee, the coat check boy, the car park boy, and so on and so forth. Talk about diversifying, the Headley’s knew how to do just about anything.

1. Saturday Night Live

Look to Bill Murray for this role. He’s not the brightest guy behind the counter but he knows, well, he knows how to serve a Pepsi and a bag of chips that’s for sure. The great thing about this skit is that there is actually a restaurant that operated just like this back in the day. As a matter of fact the Billy Goat Tavern is still open to this day.

So be kind to your busboys, they’re trying to make a living too.


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