Meet the FBI Most Wanted Season Four Cast

Meet the FBI Most Wanted Season Four Cast
Meet the FBI Most Wanted Season Four Cast

Credit: The FBIs

The FBI Most Wanted cast has changed a lot in four seasons. The show is part of the FBI franchise. It began with FBI, then FBI Most Wanted, and most recently, FBI International. Of the five original FBI Most Wanted cast members we fell in love with during season one, only two remain standing in season four. The rest have died, been injured, or left for their own personal reasons. The remaining two are among the best of the best, and showrunners have done well with new characters. Season four debuted in September of 2022, and here are the main characters it brings with it.

Dylan McDermott as Remy Scott

He plays the new team leader, and he does it well. He’s serious but also a little dry and humorous. We know that Remy Scott didn’t want to take over in season three after we lost Jess LaCroix to a gunshot wound, and he quickly told the team he didn’t want to replace anyone. The character is a bit mysterious so far, but we know he comes from a very wealthy background despite being part of the FBI.

McDermott made a name for himself in the hit show The Practice as Bobby Donnell, attorney, and leader of a law firm. He did his thing, and it earned him an Emmy. He’s a fixture in primetime television, and it’s his talent and the fact that everyone recognizes him that works in his favor.

Roxy Sternberg as Sheryll Barnes

She’s one of the only two original cast members left on the show. She’s steadfast and beyond good at what she does. Roxy is a relatable career woman whose partner is a lawyer. They both want to be good moms with great careers – FBI agent and attorney – but they have two small kids and need all the help with them they can get. Her character often struggles with the balance of it all, but she seems to always get it done – and well.

Sternberg was a total delight when she announced her pregnancy in December 2021. Fans knew it would not be written into the show – her character is a lesbian woman with a wife who just had a baby right before the actress announced her own pregnancy – so the show hid it. Following Jess LaCroix’s death, Sternberg’s character asked her boss for time off. Number one, to be with her new baby and her wife following the birth of their child, but also to cope with the loss of her partner. It was amazing timing for the talented actress who went on to have her own baby.

Meet the FBI Most Wanted Season Four Cast

Credit: The FBIs

Keisha Castle-Hughes as Hana Gibson

She’s the computer tech of the group, and she is the second of the remaining original cast members. She’s quick, funny, and to the point, and there is little she misses. Despite being the main character all four seasons, however, we know little about her other than that her childhood was difficult and abusive. And we didn’t even learn that until halfway through season four.

First and foremost, she made history when she was the second youngest person in history to earn an Academy Award nomination in 2004 for her role in Whale Rider. She was 14 when she was nominated and 12 when she made the movie – and it was the first movie she’d ever made. She’s gone on to star in shows such as Game of Thrones and many, many more.

Alexa Davalos as Kristin Gaines

Along with the new boss, Remy, Kristin Gaines appeared for the first time in season three. She showed up to get to work when they needed a new cast member. She’s quiet, she’s serious, and fans are still learning about her life. What we know about her so far is that she worked deep undercover in the past despite having two kids and an ex-husband. She was almost killed by a family of criminals who found out she infiltrated their network of crime – drugs, sex trafficking, you name it. She ended up getting revenge in season four, but we are still getting to the bottom of her character.

She’s a bona fide movie star. She’s starred in several films and made a name for herself in all of them. She was also in many television series. Sometimes she was a guest star, and other times she was the main character. The FBI Most Wanted cast is her longest-running television series to date.

Meet the FBI Most Wanted Season Four Cast

Credit: The FBIs

Edwin Hodge as Ray Cannon

Hodge is the newest face in the FBI Most Wanted cast. He made his first appearance in the season four premiere as the ‘new guy’ to the team. He’s helping pick up the slack after former team members left, and so far, his character has been stealthy.

He’s one of the biggest stars on the show despite being the new guy. Hodge is famous for his role in the “Purge” movies. In fact, he starred in all of them, and he’s the only actor to do so. He also spent several seasons starring on the hit show Chicago Fire. He was a major character in the shows Boston Public, Mental, Cougar Town, and Six, to name a few. Hodge is exceptionally famous, and this show will only allow him to showcase his talent in another realm.

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