Why You Should Check Out American Serial Killers on Investigation Discovery

Why You Should Check Out American Serial Killers on Investigation Discovery

Investigation Discovery, a division of the Discovery Network that focuses on real crime dramas and investigative series, is consistently stretching the parameters of normal television. There seems to be a thirst for real-life blood and gore, and Investigation Discovery has absolutely no problem delivering the goods on several different levels. One of its most popular shows is American Serial Killers, and being an investigation fanatic and historian, I absolutely love the show. I recommend to every American above the age of 18.

American Serial Killers is a spinoff of the network’s series Serial Killers, which takes viewers all around the world to walk in the footsteps of investigators as they attempt some of the most infamous murders over the last several decades. The American Serial Killers version of this franchise domesticates the adventure, which allows American viewers to relate to the dynamics and impact at a higher level.

One of the reasons that I believe every American adult should watch it is multi-fold. First, it is almost scary how normal most of these serial killers are. We tend to think of serial killers as extreme weirdos who cannot fit in with society so they kill out of anger, but in watching American Serial Killers, you will find that a large majority of these killers can be considered the guy next door. That is until you find out what they are doing next door.

Try to wrap your head around the fact that Jeffrey Dahmer killed at least 15 young boys and men before he was finally caught, and he was cunning and convincing that the police literally brought one of his escaped victims back to him. Not only was this persuasive and attractive young man a serial killer, but he was also a cannibal. Then there is Ted Bundy, who was considered to be so attractive that he had a female fan base all the way up until he was executed.

Something else that I think will be useful is the victimization – how serial killers choose their victims. You will be surprised at how much many of these victims will have lives very similar to yours. Watching this show brings home a clear message that says one small slip up and this could easily be me. Something attempting to help the wrong person with a stalled vehicle or hailing the wrong taxi. Seemingly insignificant actions that we do every day without ever giving them a second thought ultimately cost these people their lives.

Additionally, the narration of the show is good, it is easy to follow and the insight is invaluable. While this show will definitely appeal to the investigation fanatics, it is will also appeal to the historian and the person who simply wants to be well-informed in every area.

Finally, what sort of freaks me out is the disproportionate distribution of serial killers around the world. For some reason, America seems to breed serial killers at a substantially higher rate than anywhere else in the world. Maybe it has something to do with some form of collective psychosis, but more likely it reflects our inability or unwillingness to confront the mental health enigma we pretend does not exist. Whatever the case, the show is a great show. When you watch that first episode, you will be hooked.

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