Everything We Know about Upcoming Mutant Show “The Gifted”

Everything We Know about Upcoming Mutant Show “The Gifted”

It’s always exciting for fans when their favorite films are given a chance to emerge on the small screen in the form of one spinoff series or another. Some might be a little frustrated at the need to buildup the story and the characters but when their beloved stars and favorite characters start showing up in cameos it makes it all worth it. Plus, the expansion of the universe in which the film exists is almost always a treat as it offers something new and exciting to experience and a chance for the writers to explore new venues for the story.

The Gifted is another look into the ever-popular X-Men series, and will be attempting to expand the already-developed universe even further. Here are a few things you might want to know about the show before it airs.

It won’t be coming out until October.

Sorry fans, but you’ve got a while to wait yet. The show’s pilot wasn’t even accepted until January, which means that production didn’t start until March. Adapting the idea of the X-Men universe to the small screen with enough accuracy to satisfy people’s desire for the X-Men is bound to take some time, and quite understandably, the people in charge want to get it right.

Bryan Singer will direct the first episode.

Singer, who’s already directed several of the core X-Men films, will be on board for at least one episode, which could possibly give the show the push it needs. Fans will most likely know what to expect when it comes to Singer’s work and should be fairly excited for a show that follows the detailed and action-filled legacy of the X-Men franchise. If nothing else this should give the show a push in the right direction before someone else takes the helm.

There is a plan to connect the show to the X-Men cinematic universe.

Unfortunately this would not happen for at least a few seasons, which means the show has to last that long. With the current history of failures that any show connected to the X-Men seems to have, it’s bound to be something of an uphill struggle to make it to that point. It might help however to throw in a known character for a badly desired cameo now and then just to keep fans excited.

There will be recognizable characters in the show.

For comic fans, characters such as Thunderhawk and Polaris will be highly recognizable. Those that have watched the films will no doubt recognize the mutant Blink from X-Men: Days of Future Past. There is even a rumor, just a rumor as of now, that the original Rogue from the initial film, Anna Paquin, might drop in for a special appearance at some point. Considering that fans are usually psyched when they hear that their favorite characters might show up, this could help give the show the extra boost that it might need.

It follows a very well-known plot line

In the X-Men universe it is quite commonly seen that the US government is keen to ferret out and harass those with mutant abilities. In The Gifted the Strucker family are running from the government after discovering that their children have special abilities. This is the same type of persecution that is experienced in the comic series and should be very recognizable to fans.

There are high hopes that The Gifted will allow the X-Men universe to make a successful transition to the small screen. With a few useful and easily recognized characters making an appearance now and again it might just be possible.

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