Mirror Mirror on the Wall! Who’s the Fairest of them All?

Snow White is an age-old story, but this Snow White is not to be trifled with! “Snow White and the Huntsman” reinvents the classic narrative with breathtaking beauty and inventiveness. It’s the opposite of what you’d anticipate from a film with this title. Unfortunately, its tale falls short because Snow White must be thoroughly lovely, and the Queen must be entirely evil, with no space for complexity. As a result, the outcome is predetermined. But what a ride that was.

Credits: Snow White & the Huntsman

Tale as old as time

This is an older Snow White than we are used to seeing. She had spent long years hidden in a chamber of her late father’s castle, imprisoned by his cruel second wife, played for the most part by Kristen Stewart, competent and plucky (Charlize Theron). She is a mature young lady when she escapes and starts righting wrongs, and she piques the curiosity of the two young men who join her quest. But the film avoids romantic situations, which I assume is for the best.

The Hemsworth Charm!

The Huntsman (Chris Hemsworth) is a bold hunter tasked by the Queen to track down Snow White and bring her back to the castle. However, he is so taken with her after meeting her that he switches sides. Prince William (Sam Claflin) has been smitten since infancy, and the two men form an unspoken alliance.

Credits: Snow White & the Huntsman

The Queen is terrified of losing her youth’s beauty and continually tops up with virgin blood to restore it. Finally, she puts her success to the test with the metaphorical mirror on the wall, which melts into molten metal and takes on a ghostly appearance, similar to Death in “The Seventh Seal,” however its metallic transition process is reminiscent of “The Terminator.”

The Dark Forest

The castle is a gothic fantasy that makes me think of the Gormenghast trilogy as it lies in eerie beauty on an island connected to the mainland only at low tide. The Queen is joined by her brother, who does her bidding but appears to be out to lunch and is slightly detracted by his blond page-boy hairdo. When necessary, extras materialize and then vanish.

Credits: Snow White & the Huntsman

The Queen possesses impressive magical abilities, such as the capacity to summon innumerable black birds that may change into combatant demons or shards of slicing metal. Of course, special effects are used to make all of this look realistic, but the natural richness of this movie lies in two of its settings: a harsh, foreboding Dark Forest and an idyllic fairyland.

The legendary dwarves

The dwarfs lead them to my favorite world in the movie, a lovely fairyland that showcases excellent art direction and computer graphics. Mushrooms look at the guests with eyes open. In homage to a woodland scene in Disney’s 1937 animated picture, adorable forest creatures scurry and frolic. The fairies themselves are ancient, wise-looking, naked, pale-skinned sprites.

Credits: Snow White & the Huntsman

A magnificent white deer with expressive eyes and horns that expand in astounding intricacy represents the essence of this woodland. This scenario is fantastic. The filmmaker Rupert Sanders, who started making TV commercials, obviously has experience creating iconic settings. As for the remainder, there are plenty of medieval combat scenes.

Filming the Fairytale

In the United Kingdom, filming started in October 2011 and was finished in London, England, in December 2011. Between September 26 and September 29, 2011, the Marloes Sands beach in the hamlet of Marloes served as the primary location for the beach scenes in Pembrokeshire. Even though the beach was open to the public while filming was taking place, some areas were told to be off-limits as the shoot went on.

On adjacent Gateholm island, a computer-generated castle was situated. Production took place on a field above the beach, and a unique wooden ramp was constructed so horses and trucks could access the shore. According to rumors, Charlize Theron’s portrayal as Queen Ravenna inspired the English band Florence and the Machine’s song “Breath of Life,” created explicitly for the movie. 

Credits: Snow White & the Huntsman

There is a terrific movie, possibly one that gave the characters more room for nuance. However, “Snow White and the Huntsman” is a remarkable experience, given that I went in with zero expectations for sophistication, much alone the visual marvels. What do you think about this version of Snow White? Let us know in the comments below!


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