The Middle Season 6 Episode 5 Review: “Halloween V”

The Middle Season 6 Episode 5 Review: “Halloween V”

The Middle

The Middle delivered plenty of scares in its fifth traditional Halloween episode.  For starters, Brick hung out with a girl for most of the holiday while Axl spent quality time in the library.  That’s not a typo, folks.  This could have easily turned into a crazy Freaky Friday situation but the strange realities of their situations really added to the overall humor.

All the kids have been tackling different obstacles this season but Axl remains the most interesting.  When he’s locked in the library on Halloween night, he seizes the opportunity to speak his deepest fears aloud.  First of all, he was too dumb to operate a rotary phone that could dial out for help.  It’s realistic that his cell phone battery was dead but he must have been writing his paper on a laptop, right?  At least you’d think any college library would have desktop computers with internet access that he could use to contact campus security to let him out.  Anyway, this is Axl we’re talking about.  Normally I laugh at his sheer stupidity but his concerns about his future really struck a chord with me and probably a lot of the viewers.  Everyone can relate to the fear of their future even after college because most adults still have no clue what they want to be when they grow up!

Brick shocked his parents when he announced he invited a girl over rather than deciding to go out trick-or-treating.  Frankie’s nostalgia over the fact that her youngest kid is officially too old to trick-or-treat was hilarious, especially since Mike pointed out that she couldn’t even remember that last time she actually took him out on Halloween.

Cindy is the girl who brought Brick’s shoe home from that awkward school dance he pushed himself to attend alone a few weeks ago.  The anxiety of that experience paid off for everyone, as he’s definitely proving to be the perfect girl for Brick.  Things go smoothly until he skips out on this little date/hangout in his own living room to go trick-or-treating at the last minute.  Frankie and Mike don’t seem overly concerned that anything bad could happen to Brick out on his own, but that might be because they’re now tasked with entertaining Cindy until he gets back.

Frankie and Mike thought they wouldn’t have to deal with Brick possibly dating for a few more years or however long it would take to outgrow his social quirks.  They sit him down for some advice on how to treat a girl he likes, starting with the basic that you don’t leave her on a whim to do whatever you want if you already had plans together.  This led to the funniest point of their talk that sometimes men and women have to compromise for the good of their relationship and do things they might not prefer, like Mike turning down the TV volume so Frankie can tell him about her dreams.

Sue spent her Halloween night alone for the most part in a pumpkin patch watching It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown.  Her latest plan to raise money for college was actually a cute idea.  It’s just a shame that no one other than Brad and a lonely old man showed up.  By the way, how amazing was Brad’s Sandy/Danny from Grease costume?

The old man dropped $50 into Sue’s donation basket, which made her ecstatic.  She’s truly a character that we could all take a lesson from.  No matter how pathetic her life might actually be at any given time, she always finds the silver lining.

I hope you all enjoyed this Halloween with the Hecks!

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