Michael Bolton’s Documentary on Detroit to Hit the Big Screen

When the name Michael Bolton pops up, the first thing that pops into most people’s mind is a smooth voice that produced some of the best covers of great hits ever released. Michael Bolton has made an indelible impression on the world of music, and his name is back in the headlines, but not for what you might think. Over the last decade, there has been a great deal of attention given to the decline of the city of Detroit, but recently the city has been experiencing a resurgence, and Michael Bolton agreed to do a documentary surrounding this resurgence. The documentary has been so successful that it is now headed to the Big Screen.

For years, Detroit was a thriving city that provided above average salaries for blue-collar workers. Known as the Motor City and the Home of Motown Records, Detroit represented the epitome of the industrialized American city. However, Detroit suffered from the trend that saw Automobile Manufacturers relocate their plants with many other businesses within the city following suit. Big companies abandoning American Cities to move operations overseas was a trend that visited many cities in the United States – with disastrous results.

Well, despite some rather dark predictions, the city of Detroit is on the rebound, and Michael Bolton and film crew have been following this resurgence for quite some time. The documentary that has chronicled the resurgence of Detroit is entitled “American Dream: Detroit,” and it will finally be heading to more than 450 cinematic theaters starting on May 15, according to sources close to the project.

For those looking to get a headstart of any crowds, tickets will go on sale this Friday. While the documentary is not expected to put up Black Panther numbers, the limited exposure offered by 450 theaters will limit the viewership. For those looking to pick up their tickets early, you can grab them at FathomEvents.com.

You are probably wondering how Bolton, A native of Connecticut, was seated to take the lead in this documentary. According to a spokesperson for the award-winning singer, He visited the city back in 2013 as a part of a celebration for the songs that he had covered for Motown, and he said that he simply fell in love with the city and its citizens. The resurgence of the city that he experienced during this visit led him to begin shooting a documentary and interviewing some of the business moguls that are behind the recovery.

Some of the powerful names behind this recovery include Jerry Bruckheimer, Francis Ford Coppola, Aretha Frankin, Smokey Robinson, Chris Ilitch, Alice Cooper. The focus of the documentary is to illuminate the visionaries and power-brokers that united to breathe life back into a city that almost everyone had declared dead. The story is told from the perspective of Bolton has he experienced the nuances and boldness of the changes that are taking place in the city. The way Bolton has viewed the entire experience is that the city that once represented the American Dream for middle-class Americans has risen from the ashes to reclaim its throne.



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