The Five Best Lucas Black Movies of His Career

Lucas Black is a guy that a lot of people might not have seen coming since he’s been in show business since he was a kid but at the same time he seems to hang back until it’s time for him to really shine. He’s been overshadowed by bigger names and personalities before, but in recent years he’s been coming up in a big way and quite honestly it’s not just anyone that can get on an NCIS show. There are a few movies in his past that are less than great but then there are those that blew people away when they saw them and managed to make them think twice about how skilled Lucas really is. While he’s been a part of a couple different franchises either in the beginning or somewhere in the middle it’d be great if he would be brought back eventually or allowed to start his own set of movies that might take him further in his career.

Here are five of his best movies.

5. 42

Technically this is Chadwick Boseman’s movie since he was playing the lead character of Jackie Robinson, but his teammates still managed to be a big part of the movie as well since their acceptance of him on the team had a big impact on history after a while. Jackie came in as one of the most hated players of all time despite how good he really was, and he had to suffer a great deal of mental and physical abuse until he finally made the point that he wasn’t going anywhere. This scene with Robinson and Pee Wee Reese is still debated to this day as to whether it happened or not, but there’s a statue commemorating the moment, so it’s obvious that the legend is important even if the reality is in question.

4. Jarhead

It’s not just everyone that can say they’ve walked through a burning oil field under a rain of black, but then again the further the troops went in the darker it got, and the more hellish it seemed. Only those that were over there could possibly remember the sights and the idea of being ready to fight at a moment’s notice and possibly realize that the next moment would be your last. Those of us that sit on this side of the world hoping and praying that those we care about make it back safely won’t know this kind of pressure or torment, and likely we’re better off for it, but for the men and women that make their way overseas there’s a good chance that they’ll always be in the desert in one way or another.

3. Friday Night Lights

There are some places in the US where sports are absolutely everything and to even mention that it might not be the case is considered a horrible blasphemy of the kind that you just don’t give voice to. Winning football games is sometimes considered to be the most important part of life for some people and quite possibly the only thing that really makes some people keep going. But the dark side of this is that it becomes the one and only thing that a person tends to care about, and in the process becomes the only good thing in their life that they don’t want to risk screwing up. When that happens things tend to get screwed up worse than they might have if football was never involved.

2. Sling Blade

It’s hard not to want to see Karl succeed since he didn’t exactly get a fair shot at life to begin with. His family was nothing less than abusive, his upbringing was horrible, and to think that he turned out to be even half as nice as he was in the movie was kind of a miracle in itself. He had a dark side to be honest, but so long as he was able to find people he could care about and that would care about him Karl seemed to be on the straight and narrow without any signs of deviation. Of course when he met Frank he became super-protective, something that no one could blame him for, and when Frank’s stepfather Doyle pushed things too far he decided to do what he felt was right.

1. Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift

Sean is unfortunately that gearhead with an attitude stereotype that has a good heart but has to learn everything the hard way. In the Fast and Furious franchise this is probably one of the least popular movies, but honestly it’s still a good deal of fun to watch since it brings a new element to the franchise that we’ve seen before but didn’t really consider on its own since drifting isn’t all about going fast, it’s about being in tune with the car and finding that groove that makes the driver that much better. Of course one of the best parts was when Vin Diesel showed up at the end, since you knew there was going to be another one.

Lucas Black is a guy that could stick around for a while.

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