Was Meryl Streep in Any Bad Movies? Yup, Here are Five

Was Meryl Streep in Any Bad Movies?  Yup, Here are Five

Oh I imagine I’m going to get in the neck from Streep fans that believe she can do no wrong. But you know what? I’ll take the hits. I’m not a loyal Streep fan and in general I can’t really stand when the woman does anything but act. Her little speech at a recent awards show when she decided to put down sports and the martial arts didn’t win her a lot of friends, but this dislike goes way beyond that. She is not the worst actress in the world and has had some very memorable roles. In fact her status has been well-earned, but often she is too much of a diva to really be taken that seriously by anyone that is not a fan. So has she been in bad movies? All signs point to yes, yes she has.

And here are just a few.

5. She-Devil

It’s pretty bad when you can upstaged by Roseanne Barr. Streep seemed to just float around the stage in this movie and worse than that she was so outmatched when it came to her counterpart that she just came off as, well, lame. She tried to be the romantic, elegant female writer but just came off as vapid, one-dimensional, and not at all believable.

4. Dark Matter

A lot of people seem to have forgotten she was even in this. It’s almost like she was trying to force her character to be likable and even relevant but in the end just kind of made it possible for people to tune her out. Like I said she’s not the worst actress in the world but when people tend to forget you were even in a movie that’s not a great mark on your record.

3. Mamma Mia!

Oh I’m so bucking for the hateful responses now, because I happen to know that a lot of Streep supporters would clamor that Mamma Mia! was one of her best performances. Um, no. No, no, and NO. Overplayed, over-acted, and simply overdone is what comes to mind with this film. Excellence kind of took a back seat and then scooted out the door when the movie stalled and almost stopped.

2. Death Becomes Her

Streep does not belong in a comedy of any sort, be it dark, uplifting, or otherwise. In this movie she was a vapid, selfish woman that couldn’t stand aging and as a result did anything and everything to keep her looks, including doing something that might have been less than wise. Her acting in this film is so overdone that it made Goldie Hawn’s acting look like Oscar-worthy material.

1. Lions for Lambs

She was in this movie? I guess from the trailers it’s true but really it’s the kind of movie that you have to ask that about everyone in it. Seriously this is one of those films that was there in the public eye and then gone because no one cared. As for Streep she didn’t even seem to register. This is an Oscar-winning actress we’re talking about and she took a role that almost erased her from the movie.

Okay Streep fans, let me have it.


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