The Most Memorable Cruise Ship Scenes in Movies

The Most Memorable Cruise Ship Scenes in Movies

The Most Memorable Cruise Ship Scenes in Movies

If you can stand being at sea for days on end then a cruise might be just what you need. In movies they’re usually a great source of comedy, drama, and even a bit of horror. The open sea on a huge ocean-liner and a bunch of people that are there for roughly the same reason is always a good idea for any one of the three, and to be honest it’s the perfect venue for all three if you can work them into a movie in some fashion. Sometimes it works, other times it’s just too much for one film to handle.

Here are a few interesting films that take place on cruise ships that you might want to check out.

5. Out to Sea

Jack Lemmon and Walther Matthau were two of the funniest men in Hollywood and their on screen chemistry was so great that they almost didn’t have to try to be funny around one another. In this film they are posing as dance instructors to take a long cruise which Matthau plans to use to find a rich woman to court so that he can get himself out of his gambling debts. Lemmon is simply lonely and needs a woman to talk to.

4. Deep Rising

It’s amazing how giant sea creatures seem to think that a huge cruise ship would be the best prey to take on, but as far as movies go it is somewhat terrifying to think of. Worse than that is the fact that all the worm-like creatures that are found within the ship after it becomes “infested” are in truth just its many tentacles and the actual beast is about the size of the main ballroom in the center of the ship. Yep, grab a jetski and boogie.

3. Jack and Jill

A cruise is supposed to be nice and relaxing and stress-free, right? That’s kind of hard to accomplish when you have an identical twin that is about as opposite from you as they can be. Jill is loud, obnoxious, and more prone to being an embarrassment than she is to being a person you want in your company for more than a few minutes. But she’s pretty good at jump rope though.

2. Titanic


Ah, the epic. The one love story throughout the years that left millions of people weeping over the fate of the star-crossed lovers at the end and almost completely ignored the point of the actual cruise. Titanic was supposed to be an epic in its own time, a ship that was so unlike any other that it defied the imagination. In the end though it was just another hunk of iron on the water that could sink like any other.

1. Ghost Ship

Tell you what, the first thing I see that I can’t explain on a derelict ship, I’m gone. It’s not fear, it’s not even vague unease. It’s from watching too many horror movies in which the people don’t just beat feet when things start to get out of control. On land it’s one thing to ignore the signs, you could possibly run away at the last second. On the sea, there’s really no chance of getting away.

So, who’s up for a cruise?


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