Meet The Cast Of “How We Roll”

Meet The Cast Of “How We Roll”

Meet The Cast Of “How We Roll”

Last month, CBS dropped its latest sitcom offering, a new comedy show called How We Roll. The series is based on the life of professional bowler Tom Smallwood and is created by Mark Gross, who previously worked on shows like Mike & Molly, Man With A Plan, and Gary Unmarried. The show tells the story of a middle-aged man who, after losing his job at an auto plant, decides to fulfill a lifelong dream of playing professional bowling. Executive-produced by Gross, David Hollander, and Brian d’Arcy James, How We Roll features a cast of prominent TV actors carefully assembled to breathe life into the sitcom. If you want to learn more about the actors playing characters in CBS’s latest show, look no further. Here are the cast members of the recently premiered TV sitcom from CBS, How We Roll.

Pete Holmes

Pete Holmes stars in How We Roll as a fictionalized version of Tom Smallwood. A popular actor and stand-up comic, Pete Holmes first gained prominence from his 2013 show The Pete Holmes Show, in which he served as host. He’s also worked on shows like Crashing, which he created, wrote, and executive produced, and Star Wars Resistance, for which he lent his voice. His film work isn’t as extensive as his appearances on screen, but he’s performed in two popular movies: The Secret Life of Pets 2 and Home Sweet Home AloneHis role in How We Roll is notable for the fact that he doesn’t do any writing work for the show; essentially, he’s hired to primarily be an on-screen talent for the sitcom. Holmes talked about this at length in an interview he did with The Hollywood Reporter. “During the quarantine, for Disney, I did Home Sweet Home Alone, which was the first thing in many years that I was a part of that I didn’t write. And I gotta tell ya, these actors have it made. Like there’s a great Seinfeld joke where he’s like, “Lights, camera, say what we told you to say.” I really like that. I thought maybe I would feel maybe stagnated or limited that I was just there to perform, but it was the opposite. Not having the task of writing the episodes and arcing the season and all that stuff frees you up to just think, “How can I do this in a way that’s funny and also real.” Between takes, you have so much more energy to joke around with your co-stars and build that rapport. When I was on Crashing, for example, I used to look at the other actors like, “Those lucky sons of b****es. They’re having such a fun time.” And it turns out, I was right.”

Chi McBride

Chi McBride plays Archie in the CBS sitcom How We Roll. The veteran actor is perhaps best known for his starring role in the series Boston Public, where he played high school principal Steven Harper. Other TV projects he’s worked on include This Is Us, Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H, Murder Police, Hawaii Five-0, Lego Marvel Super Heroes: Maximum Overload, Suits, How I Met Your Mother, and God, the Devil, and Bob. On the big screen, he’s performed in The Family Tree, Who Do You Love, First Sunday, American Son, The Brothers Solomon, Let’s Go To Prison, and Ultimate Avengers 2. In an interview with CBS News a few years ago, Chi McBride talked about what influenced him during the early days of his acting career, saying that it’s more of the medium that motivated him to pursue the career than any single person: “I don’t know, I think it was just the medium itself. I grew up basically a TV kid. I watched TV every chance I got. Of course, my parents being from the Caribbean would always say, “turn off that television boy, it will make your mind dull.” But at the same time, I watched everything. One of the happiest moments I’ve had since being in the business was meeting Carol Burnett. I used to watch “The Carol Burnett Show” every Saturday night on CBS. That whole CBS lineup was indelibly burned into my mind. I wouldn’t say I always wanted to be on television or in pictures, but I always felt like I could do it. There’s a shroud of mystery about how you get into show business, so I didn’t think about it in great detail. I felt like if I ever got an opportunity, I could do it and would do it.”

Katie Lowes

Katie Lowes plays the wife of Tom Smallwood, Jen. The young actress has appeared in shows like Scandal and Royal Pains. Most recently, she snagged a series regular role portraying Rachel DeLoache Williams in the hit Netflix series Inventing Anna. On the big screen, she’s lent her voice to some of the biggest animation projects over the past decade, including Wreck-It Ralph, Frozen, Big Hero 6, Zootopia, Ralph Breaks the Internet and Vivo.

Julie White

Julie White plays Helen Smallwood, the mother of Tom Smallwood. A Tony Award winner, Julie White is best known for her stage role in the play Little Dog Laughed. She also portrayed Nadine Swoboda in the TV series Grace Under Fire. Transformers fans would recognize her as Judy Witwicky. More recently, she’s played roles in shows like Mrs. America, Big Mouth, Designated Survivor, Chicago Med, Chopped, Man Seeking Woman, and You’re the Worst.

Mason Wells

Child actor Mason Wells plays Sam Smallwood, Tom and Jen’s son, in How We Roll. Wells’ IMDb page is full of praise for the young actor: “Wells’ range is evident in his work. Already having won acting awards for his roles in short films, he has two feature films in post-production that will dazzle audiences with his ability to master opposite genres – horror and family comedy. Wells stars as Tyler in the horror “Possessions” from famed director Brent Cote, appearing opposite Clive Standen and Yeardley Smith, beloved from her years on the legendary “The Simpsons.” Wells crosses the genre spectrum starring as Odom Kearst in the family comedy “Furry Fortune.”

Recurring cast

Recurring cast members of CBS’s How We Roll include Tahj Mowry as Lew, Rondi Deed as Ruth, Judy Kain as Mimi, Amanda Perez as Tia, and Matt McCarthy as Carl.Man With A Plan

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