MechaGodzilla Has Been Confirmed in Godzilla vs. Kong: Was That Wise?

MechaGodzilla Has Been Confirmed in Godzilla vs. Kong: Was That Wise?

We’re still a little over a week away from the epic that many people are waiting for in Godzilla vs. Kong, and it’s been established that what some people thought might happen, that humans would create their own mechanized kaiju, has happened. The thought when first talking about the movie was that there might be another antagonist that might show up, especially since there are simply too many people that are of the mind that neither Godzilla nor Kong is the villain of this movie. But then again, one has to wonder if even Mechagodzilla would be the villain since the humans are attempting to stake their claim to the world as well, and have nothing else that has proven that effective when trying to take down a titan. After all, Godzilla can’t be taken down with nukes, that much has been made apparent given that in the last movie he was revived by nuclear energy that resulted from a massive explosion. Kong is a little more susceptible to various types of damage, but he’s also quicker, more agile, and definitely more inventive when it comes to the attacks he can come up with. But Mechagodzilla, this manmade kaiju, is something else entirely since it’s been stacked with weaponry and other capabilities that were created to specifically defend against and attack Godzilla, so it’s fair to say that as soon as we’re aware of who the protagonist will be it’s likely that people will be rooting for their favorite character with increased fervor. 

But revealing the main antagonist so close to the release feels like a giant-sized mistake if only because giving in when it comes to fan theories and revealing something that could still carry a bit of surprise when heading into the movie is something that could limit the expectations and overall enjoyment of the fans. That might sound less than likely, but reveals are often better when they come within the movie, not necessarily when they’re given before the movie even releases. There are movies in which the main villain, or one of the more pivotal characters at least, might already be known to the audience, but it’s all about how the story is designed. Many people had already guessed that there was something driving Godzilla to attack people relentlessly, but while Mechagodzilla was a definite guess, it could have been just about any kaiju or mechanized monstrosity since in Godzilla: King of the Monsters, we were afforded a look at the severed head of King Ghidorah at the end, which prompted the idea that something would be done with the head that would bring the massive creature back into the fray. It might be that this will still happen, but however it might have come about, Mechagodzilla is going to make an entrance first, and it does feel that this is who Kong and Godzilla will team up to fight eventually since the general feeling is that while both titans are bound to be measured against one another, there almost has to be an ultimate antagonist that will bring them together as allies. 

It’s going to be a vicious fight, of that there’s no doubt, since both titans are capable of insane amounts of destruction, with Godzilla being the obvious frontrunner thanks to his nuclear capabilities. But the inclusion of Mechagodzilla brings even more firepower to the fray and in a manner that is even more destructive since, unlike Godzilla, this thing is controlled, or at least programmed, by human beings, who have proven to be much more destructive than many creatures in this world. But thinking that Mechagodzilla is the one that’s provoking Godzilla would make it hard to reason why the giant lizard would target Kong unless the rivalry between the titans is simply too great to ignore since it does state in the trailers that there was a war between the titans long ago, and that there were only a few beings left standing. The motivations behind Mechagodzilla are likely already being deduced as a necessary evil, or perhaps just the evil of a corporation that doesn’t care about collateral damage, but some might want to say something else. Considering how much damage Godzilla has caused in the course of the last two movies, it’s not surprising to hear that humans would come up with their own mechanized deterrent, but it would appear from the trailer that things aren’t much better since the deterrent is just about as bad as the threat when put into action. 

In a world where titans exist, one has to imagine that the emergence of said titans is going to prompt humanity to execute a lot of rash and ill-fated maneuvers to maintain their place in the world, and it’s equally simple to assume that titans such as Godzilla are going to take serious issue with this. The clash is coming soon, and a lot of people can’t help but take sides as they wait for the ensuing battle. 

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