Max Mittelman: The Voice Behind Your Favorite Animated Characters

Max Mittelman: The Voice Behind Your Favorite Animated Characters

Max Mittelman: The Voice Behind Your Favorite Animated Characters

Max Mittelman may not have a face you instantly recognize, nor a name that immediately rings a bell. Yet, this talented actor has been in more movies than many of the instantly recognizable stars. As a voice actor, he brings to life some of Hollywood’s most beloved animated characters, all while maintaining a sense of privacy in his personal life.

1. The Art of Voice Acting

Max Mittelman’s claim to fame lies in his vocal talents. His face may not be as recognizable as his voice, which you might only know if you pay close attention to the voices behind animated characters. This unique career path allows him to enjoy the perks of acting without the constant scrutiny that comes with being a recognizable face.

2. A True 90s Kid

Born on September 5, 1990, Max is part of the last generation of kids who grew up without smartphones and constant internet access. While not much is known about his family or childhood, it’s clear that he’s a product of the pre-digital age.

3. California Dreamin’

Max was born and raised in Los Angeles, California, and continues to call the city home. It’s unclear if his family still resides in the area, but it’s evident that he has a strong connection to the place where dreams are made.

4. A Family Legacy of Survival

Max’s family is of German and Jewish descent, with some of his ancestors having survived the Holocaust. It’s impossible to fathom the terror and fear they must have experienced during that time, but their resilience has allowed Max to be a part of this world.

5. A College Education

Max chose to stay close to home for his higher education, attending the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). This prestigious institution was an excellent choice for the budding actor, providing him with the tools and knowledge to succeed in his career.

6. An Impressive Social Media Following

With over 40k followers on Instagram, Max has amassed a sizable fan base. His followers enjoy getting glimpses into his life and career, even though he primarily shares work-related content and keeps his personal life relatively private.

7. Selective Social Media Presence

Max isn’t the most active social media user. His first Instagram post dates back to December 2014, and he’s only posted 36 times since then. He shares content sparingly, focusing mainly on his professional endeavors.

8. A Private Life

Max is notoriously private about his personal life. He doesn’t share details about his relationships or day-to-day activities, leaving fans to speculate about his romantic status and personal interests.

9. The Use of a Stage Name

On occasion, Max works under the pseudonym Jason Baker. The reasons behind this choice remain unclear, but it seems to be a decision that works well for him and his career.

10. Stepping into a Major Role

Max is currently lending his voice to the Netflix adaptation of the popular Boss Baby franchise. He voices the adult Tim Templeton, a significant role that is sure to attract a large audience. With the original movies’ success, the Netflix adaptation is poised to be a hit in its own right.

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