10 Things You Didn’t Know about Matt Rogers

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Matt Rogers

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Matt Rogers

Matt Rogers is doing big things. He’s an actor. He’s a man who is doing a major television movie right now, and he is also starring in a new series on television alongside famous faces such as Molly Shannon. He’s got a lot going for him at the moment, and the world wants to know more about the actor who is suddenly everywhere.

1. He Attended NYU

When he was 19, he was a student at New York University, which makes a lot of sense. He grew up in New York, so it is not entirely unusual he would want to stick around and stay close to home for college. However, it was at the age of 19 and while he was a student here that he decided to finally tell his friends and family – the ones who did not know – that he is a gay man.

2. He is Part of a Hulu Movie

What’s so interesting about his life right now is that he is starring in a movie that is being largely discussed everywhere. He is part of the Hulu film Fire Island, which is a group of entirely gay men who are going to an island resort for the best summer ever. The entire premise is based loosely on the book Pride and Prejudice written by Jane Austen, and changed to fit the narrative of the film. He is so excited to be part of it.

3. He Grew Up Going to Fire Island

Filming this movie is not the first time he’s been to Fire Island. In fact, he grew up going there during the summers with his own family. Of course, he wanted to go to the gay areas of the island to see what that was all about, but he also knew saying that to his family would tip them off that he is gay, so he never said anything.

4. He’s Located in LA Now

Now that he is an adult doing his own thing and working regularly, he’s doing it from Los Angeles. His job and his many projects keep him there most of the time, and he does it well. He loves the area, though he will always be a New Yorker at heart.

5. He is a Comedian and a Writer

What many people know about him is that he is an actor, but did you know he is also a writer? Did you know he’s a comedian? He is so many things, and we have yet to find something he’s not good at doing. He’s a little of everything, and there doesn’t seem to be much about the entertainment industry that does not terrify him or make him want to say ‘no, thanks’ to a project.

6. He Never Did Anything that Interested Him

Because he was so afraid that people would think he was gay as a child, he never did anything that really interested him. Growing up on Long Island, he was terrified that he might be found out if he did anything that was interesting to him. So, he did not do it. It sounds to us that he missed out on so many wonderful things as a result.

7. He Was an Athlete

As a child, he was an athlete. We don’t know if he disliked sports if he simply preferred the arts to sports while still enjoying sports – he was just terrified of being found out – but we do know that played sports growing up. He also had a dad who was largely into sports and supported his son through his sports career. His dad continues to support his son now, too, and that is such a gift.

8. He Filmed with his Friends

The cool thing about filming Fire Island is that he wasn’t doing it alone. He was doing it alongside two men who are his best friends in real life, and it was such a treat to spend a summer in New York with those people during that time. He was thrilled with it, and it is such a special memory.

9. He’s Private

He’s a man who is very private. He doesn’t share too much of his personal life with the world, yet he makes it seem as if he shares so much of it with the world. He’s got a gift for telling stories that share just enough without every sharing too much.

10. He’s Got a Podcast

Something he’s been doing for years now is hosting his own podcast alongside his real life best friend – Bowen Yang. It’s called “Las Culturistas,” and it is something big for him. He is a man who is so excited to spend 90 minutes every week sharing his life and the many things that bring him joy, and he is doing big things with this.

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