Marvel Could Replace Tom Hiddleston With a New Loki

Marvel Could Replace Tom Hiddleston With a New Loki

The initial reaction to Tom Hiddleston being replaced as Loki is likely to be one of shock and won’t come easily since the British actor has been rocking the role since the first Thor movie and transitioned perfectly to the rest of the MCU when it came time. But as Christian Bone of We Got This Covered states, it does appear that Hiddleston is more or less through with the MCU at this time, though there’s no doubt that he could show up somewhere down the line. Given that Loki is such an interesting character and has been kind of pervasive with his mischief throughout the last decade it does feel wrong to simply take the character out of Marvel’s story line, hence the need for his own series on Disney+, but bringing him back to the movies would be problematic for some people since he was killed off in Infinity War. But if you’ve ever read a Marvel comic then you know that death is rarely a permanent thing when it comes to various characters, especially those that fans happen to care about on a very personal level. On that note Loki isn’t going anywhere, but Hiddleston is going to be limited in his appearances from here on out, if not for good then at least for a while.

This might come as a bit of a shock to fans, especially considering that Loki did take possession of the Tesseract in Avengers: Endgame, and could likely alter the future somehow. But whether that’s going to be part of the story line that’s shown or not is hard to say. What’s easy to say is that the idea is to bring him back as a kid, kid Loki, and have him stuck in the body of a youngster, though with the mental faculties of someone much older and experienced. For those that want to scream that this isn’t canon and won’t go over as well it’s time to open your eyes a little wider and realize that 1) if Marvel was going strictly by canon it would…well…it would be serious mess by now since the canon has changed over and over throughout the decades in the comics, and 2) the resurrection of Loki makes sense considering that he’s a god and things such as this in the Marvel universe don’t always need the in-depth explanations that people want. They happen largely because the director, the producer, and thus the writers want them to happen, and so it does. There’s more to it than this obviously, but getting rid of certain characters for good just isn’t in the cards most times since they bring the studio too much money to just chuck them and be done with it.

That’s usually what it comes down to for those that still don’t get it, the earning power that a character brings with them and the ability to get people to pay attention. There’s no doubt that some characters are more popular than others and that people react in very different ways when their favorite or even second-favorite characters are in danger of being killed off. Loki’s death was kind of a sad moment that galvanized a lot of people and made them realize that the Infinity War and Thanos were no joke since Marvel was ready to show that they could and would eliminate certain characters to elicit a response. In a way Loki did appear to be killed off just to give Thor an even better excuse to get angry and seek retribution against Thanos, but his death still divided a lot of fans since on one hand he wasn’t bound to change all that much in the coming days, but on the other he did have his own reasons for trying to worm his way into Thanos’ trust again, despite the fact that it didn’t work.

Going forward with the character though it does sound like he’s still going to be a part of the MCU, which is great in a way, but will be stuck in the form of kid Loki, which will be interesting since it will require a younger actor with just as much talent and a great deal of attitude that can hopefully fill Hiddleston’s shoes in some way. Watching a kid version of the god of mischief might be fun since it will bring a new dynamic to the character and could very easily please a lot of people since it could also give them a new perspective on Loki and just who he is. How this character is going to be resurrected will also be intriguing since the story line of his death and rebirth has yet to be fleshed out or even hinted at. Whatever happens people are probably going to be relieved to see the trickster again if only because it means that his story isn’t quite done yet.

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