Five Things You Didn’t Know About Nicole Wilson

Five Things You Didn’t Know About Nicole Wilson

Five Things You Didn’t Know About Nicole Wilson

Actress, Nicole Wilson, has built quite the career in Hollywood. She has totally rocked in television, and she has not done badly in theater and film. The New York native has made the most of her transplant to the other side of the country, but her upbringing in New York has definitely influenced her love for the science and art of acting. The 32-year-old bombshell also consistently proves that she is so much more than a pretty face. In addition to her acting skills, she also has other passions that keep her creativity flowing. She also found love in Hollywood but will talk about that later on in this brief article.

If you are not a fan of this talented actress, you should definitely check out her work, and I am certain that you will develop an immediate appreciation for her talent and work ethic. Here are five things to help you become a little more familiar with her.

1. Acting Is in Her Blood

As mentioned earlier, Nicole’s upbringing in New York, Manhattan to be exact, exposed her to the theater – not only because of the proximity to Broadway but because her father is Broadway actor, Kevin Wilson. She was also heavily influenced by Rodney Kirk, a well-known theater philanthropist. It was in this well-sculpted environment that Nicole developed her passion and love for the art. She would continue to develop as she pursued a career in the arts.

2. She is the Significant Other of Actor, Holt McCallany

Wilson has Holt McCallany listed as her partner, which I am assuming is somewhere just short of a spouse. You can never quite tell with people in Hollywood. One thing is for certain, and that is the two have been seriously involved for some time now. In fact, there couples photos are a huge hit on Pinterest. The two obviously love to spend time with one another, because there is no shortage of Instagram and Pinterest pictures floating around the internet and gossip sites. They have been together for 11 years. That is like 50 years in Hollywood years.

3. She is Exceptionally Smart

In addition to growing up on Manhattan’s west side, which has produced such Hollywood notables as Ben Stiller, Jordan Peele, Peggy Guggenheim, and Wendy Wasserstein, she was also pushed through some of the most prestigious educational institutions as she grew up, starting with The Calhoun College Preparatory School. She would later attend the University of Binghamton where she earned a Bachelor’s degree in theater and playwriting concentration.

4. She Is a Professional Artist

Nicole’s talent is not limited to what she can do on the stage and in front of the camera. She is an artist who absolutely loves to paint. In fact, she sells her work on her official site. I must admit that work, which borders on abstract-contemporary, is interesting and appealing. In addition to her painting, she is a holistic nutritionist, which is immensely important in a country in which obesity has reached epidemic proportions. For a woman in her early thirties, Nicole has forged a nice path that is destined to lead her to even greater accomplishments.

5. Her Sister is an Award-Winning Writer

Well, with a father who is a well-established actor and a mother who is a psychologist, the standard of achievement was set high in this family early on and it shows. While Nicole has carved out her place in the world of acting, her sister, Julie, as achieved success as an award-winning novelist and audiobook producer with Random House publishing. The future looks bright for the Wilson clan. Now only if we can get Nicole and Holt to go ahead and tie the knot.

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