Channing Tatum in Deadpool 3? Yes Please

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Channing Tatum in Deadpool 3 would likely blow the minds of many fans. A lot of people have wanted to see this character show up for a while. Thinking that he could find a place with Wade and Logan would excite the fanbase in a big way. 

Since his appearance in the X-Men: Origins movie with Logan, fans have wanted more. This isn’t surprising since Gambit is a fun character. His use of kinetic energy to charge various objects with power is a highly underrated ability. It also makes him far deadlier than many understand. 

Channing has expressed excitement to play this role as well, but thus far, nothing has come of it. Out of the many characters that the MCU has introduced over the years, Gambit is one of those whose absence has confused fans. It’s true that introducing him with the X-Men is wiser, but bringing him in with Wade and Logan sounds like an epic in the making. 

How this would affect, the story of Deadpool 3 is uncertain, especially since Gambit has fought with both characters in the past. He’s come to respect Logan in the comics, and his relationship with Wade is unknown at this time. 

Credit: Deadpool

Bringing in Gambit as a villain would prove interesting

Gambit did start out as a villain in the comics. His role as a hero didn’t come until later when he realized the error of his ways. Pitting him against Deadpool and Logan wouldn’t favor him, but it could bring Gambit into the MCU in an interesting way. 

If not as a villain, then perhaps Gambit could interact with Wade and Logan in another manner. He has squared off with both men in the past as some fans know. Unfortunately, Gambit is usually outclassed by both characters. His power is impressive, but Deadpool and Wolverine are just too much for him. 

Still, it could happen that Gambit could show up as part of a group that might give him more legitimacy as a minor character. This could also give Gambit a possible future in the MCU. Fans would love to see that. 

As to using Channing Tatum for the part, that’s not an absolute certainty. After all, Tatum is getting older, and he does appear to be a busy guy. 

Whether it will happen or not is unknown 

There are too many rumors that tend to float around when it comes to several movies and TV shows. This rumor is one that fans would love to see confirmed, but at this time, it’s not possible. Gambit is a fan-favorite character, but that’s not quite enough. 

There are a few ideas that could work if they were implemented. However, they could remove key points from any possible X-Men introductions. Seeing how Deadpool has a soft spot for kids in need, it could happen that the MCU could introduce the Morlocks. These sewer-dwelling mutants have had run-ins with the X-Men, and Gambit

In fact, Gambit has a lot to do with the Morlocks since he was involved in their massacre. Unfortunately, this strained his relationship with the X-Men. But this idea could work to bring him into the MCU. 

credit: Deadpool 2

Channing Tatum might not portray Gambit

Again, there is a very real idea that he might age out of the role. He could also be too busy at the time to make this work, and there is the fact that there are a few other actors who could take the role. Trying to think that Channing is the best for this role is tough for some folks. Taylor Kitsch wasn’t the best either, but it does feel that there are others who can do this. 

Channing has worked well with other veteran actors, so it stands to reason that his acting wouldn’t stand out as an issue. In fact, he has worked with Reynolds in Free Guy, and it’s very likely that he would work fine with Hugh Jackman. Right now, this feels like something that fans would enjoy seeing, so it’s fair to think that it might not happen.

It’s not cynicism, it’s simple experience. Gambit is a great addition to Deadpool 3, but first, he has to make it into the script. 

If Gambit shows up, it might not be a big role 

This is a big ‘if’ since there’s nothing concrete stating that this character will show up. Fans no doubt want it to happen, and it would elevate Deadpool 3 if Gambit was portrayed in a manner that fans want to see. But whether it’s Channing Tatum or someone else, this character needs to stand out in a way that would make sense. 

It does sound as though Channing Tatum wants this role. This could even bring Channing’s reputation up a few notches, or at least give fans a look at what he can do as an MCU character.

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