Five Things You Didn’t Know about Frank Grillo

Five Things You Didn’t Know about Frank Grillo

Five Things You Didn’t Know about Frank Grillo

You can no doubt recognize Frank Grillo if you’ve ever watched the past two Captain America movies since he’s played such a prominent role. But thanks to the success he’s had in those films his Hollywood tough guy image has been heavily bolstered and will be taking him even further when the Netflix-produced film Wheelman comes out a little later this month. From the title you might be thinking that it’s just another driving movie in which Grillo will be the grizzled but important wheelman that reluctantly drives hardened criminals to and from their heists. But Wheelman should be something along the same lines of the films that have already made him a bonafide tough guy.

Just in case you still don’t know that much about him, here are a few things you might want to read.

5. His first inclination was to be a professional athlete.

When you’re in high school the sky is definitely the limit since you’re young enough that there are endless possibilities it seems that you could explore in a lifetime. Grillo didn’t want to be an actor first and foremost however since despite getting a feel for it. He wanted to go into something with a little more physicality despite the fact that it’s just as uncertain in terms of getting famous.

4. His last name is Spanish for “cricket”.

Cricket like the insect, not the game. It’s interesting sometimes to understand just what a person’s name might mean, especially in other languages. Etymology is a very fascinating field and I can’t help but wonder if the Grillo family knew the meaning of their name and simply didn’t care about it or if they knew and are in some way just really accepting. A family name is a family name after all.

3. On the set of The Grey he found it very easy to act out his part.

It was cold, dark, and miserable for a good part of the shoot so Grillo had no trouble acting as though he didn’t want to be there and that life was in fact kind of depressing. He went so far as to say that the cast didn’t really have to act in this movie as their situation was in fact kept just miserable enough on set, in terms of weather and temperature, that they could just react normally.

2. He got his first taste of acting in high school.

He acted in high school plays so as to try something different most likely but didn’t go gung-ho for the film industry until later on. Grillo has been a boon to the movies he’s been in since no matter if he’s the support, the hero, or the villain he’s a convincing character that makes audiences either hate him or at the very least respect his acting talent.

1. He graduated from New York University with a degree in business.

It’s always nice to have something to fall back on if a career doesn’t go the way you want or just to have something on the side that could make a little extra money. Something tells me though that Grillo’s career should be pretty safe since he’s been going steady for a while now.

You might not know Frank Grillo as well but there’s definitely a chance you’ll recognize him when you see him.


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