10 Things You Didn’t Know About J. Alex Brinson

J Alex Brinson

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It’s been about 20 years since J. Alex Brinson started his professional acting journey. During that time, he experienced lots of twists and turns. However, no matter how many obstacles have tried to stand in his way, J has always found ways to keep moving forward. In 2016, he got his first big break when he was cast as Jeff Conniker in the T.V. series Travelers. After that, he kept the momentum going in 2019 when he was cast in All Rise. Every time J steps in front of the camera, viewers can rest assured that he’s going to put on an excellent performance, and people are looking forward to seeing many more from him. Keep reading to learn ten things you didn’t know about J. Alex Brinson.

1. He Is Originally From Philadephia 

Philadelphia is easily one of the most well-known cities in the United States, and it has a rich and powerful history when it comes to the arts. That is something that J. Alex Brinson is grateful to be a part of. He was raised in West Philadelphia, and even though his upbringing wasn’t always easy, the city will always have a special place in his heart. 

credit @jalexbrinson

2. He Got Into Acting in High School

Many actors have cute stories about how they were still in diapers when they fell in love with acting. J’s story is a little bit different, though. He did not develop an interest in acting until he was a student at the Philadelphia Creative Performing Arts High School.

3. He Is Passionate About Helping the Youth

As someone who had to overcome many obstacles when growing up, J fully understands some of the challenges that come with being raised in the inner city. As a result, he has made it a point to use his platform to inspire the youth and remind them of the importance of chasing their dreams. 

4. He Studied at Juilliard 

After J fell in love with acting, it didn’t take him long to realize that he wanted to take it seriously. After high school, he decided to audition for a place in the drama division at the world-famous Juilliard School. The competition was fierce, but J still managed to earn a place in the program. 

credit @jalexbrinson

5. He Has Dyslexia

Dyslexia is a common learning disability that impacts 1 in 5 people in the United States. People with dyslexia typically struggle with reading and writing. As you can imagine, having dyslexia means J has to work harder than most when it comes to reading and learning his lines. 

6. He Is an Entrepreneur 

With all of J’s success in his acting career, it’s no secret that he is very creative. However, he is also very business minded. According to his website, J is the C.E.O. of Think Brinson Entertainment L.L.C. and D.O.P. Music L.L.C. He is also the co-founder of something called the A.F.D. Method. 

7. He Is a Talented Painter

If you thought that acting was J’s only creative talent, you thought wrong. He is also a very talented painter, and he loves being able to express himself through the visual arts. You can usually find him working on a painting when he isn’t busy with work. Occasionally, he shares images of his work on social media. 

8. He Is Very Stylish

J can appreciate that fashion and entertainment have always had a close relationship. J has a great sense of style, and he enjoys being able to use fashion as a way to express himself. Whether dressing up for a fancy event or just wearing something casual, J knows exactly how to rock the perfect look for every occasion. 

9. He Is Happily Married 

During his time in the entertainment industry, J has remained fairly private when it comes to his personal life. Because of that, many people out there may not realize that he is married. J and his wife, Sarah, met while he was a student at Juilliard, and she was attending N.Y.U. The couple tied the knot in 2009. From what we know, they do not have any children.

credit @jalexbrinson 

10. He Likes To Travel

The world is a big and beautiful place, and most people won’t get to see nearly as much of it as they’d like to. However, J is determined to see as much as he can. He has been fortunate to travel a lot over the years. In addition to traveling across the United States, he has also visited other countries such as England, Belgium, and France. 

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