10 Things You Didn’t Know about Anderson .Paak

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Anderson .Paak

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Anderson .Paak

If ever you see Anderson .Paak’s name in writing and think that someone should have checked for typos and grammatical errors, you are not alone. However, his name is not a typo. It’s Anderson .Paak. Technically, it’s Brandon Paak Anderson, but the famed musician goes by Anderson .Paak, which means that it’s not a typo. He’s a curious man with a lot of fans, a lot of talent, and a relatively private nature. His fans are always looking to learn a little more about him, so we are bringing you the information you didn’t know you needed.

1. He’s in His 30s

.Paak was born on February 8, 1986. As of 2021, he’s 35. He was born in California in a town called Oxnard. He was raised there, too. If you’re curious about his heritage, it is a mixture of both Korean and African American, thanks to his mother’s lineage.

2. His Mother is Adopted

His mother was born during the Korean War. Her own mother was a local Korean woman, and her father an African American soldier in the midst of the war. For a reason unknown to us, her parents were unable or unwilling to raise her, so her grandparents in Korea tried to do so. However, she was eventually placed in an orphanage and then adopted to an American family living in Los Angeles.

3. He Has No Relationship With His Father

.Paak has no relationship whatsoever with his own father. It seems he never had one. He was estranged when .Paak was only seven and he was outside with his younger sister when they witnessed their estranged father attack their mother. He was immediately arrested, and he’s not seen him, heard from him, or had anything to do with him since.

4. He’s Married

Anderson .Paak is a married man. He met a woman who came from South Korea to pursue music whose name is Jaylyn. They fell in love, they got married, and they are the proud parents of two little boys. Their youngest son was born in 2017.

5. He’s Been Through A Lot

Before he was a famed musician, he was a man who worked in California on a marijuana farm. He and his wife and young son were living in Santa Barbara at the time, and they were already struggling. Sadly, he was laid off from his job without any warning, and that led to him and his wife and their newborn son becoming homeless for a time. This happened in 2011.

6. His Mother Did Very Well

While it might seem that his mother had everything going against her in life – no parents, grandparents who placed her in an orphanage, and the father of her children tried to attack and kill her, she did well. She took her life, and she turned it around. She and her kids were living in a one-bedroom apartment when she began a strawberry business – the organic kind – in California. She did so well the family was able to buy a mansion. However, the weather was so bad a few years later that it completely destroyed her business and forced her to file bankruptcy. She continued on to become a professional gambler, but she did not declare her winnings and spent more than seven years in jail.

7. He Knows Everything is Temporary

If there is one thing that .Paak has learned in his life, it’s that everything he does is temporary. Nothing is forever. He learned that very hard lesson time and time again when he was growing up and he was going through things with his family. They went through a lot, but he was able to focus on what he had at the time and really learn to appreciate that.

8. He Always Strived for Talent

Growing up in Ventura, he was the only black kid in most of his high school classes. He said that it made him want to always be “that talented black kid who can rap, sing, dance,” and that’s how he lived his life. He was ready to become the next Dr. Dre or Jay-Z and make a huge change to the rap game.

9. His Wife is His Second Wife

He and his wife have two beautiful little boys and a happy marriage, but he was married once before. His first marriage was very short-lived. He met a woman in church, they got married, and they got divorced. He doesn’t look back often, but he remembers those days.

10. He Tries to Make People Feel Good

If there is one thing he knows, it’s that his story is a very dark one. However, he also knows that he has a chance to turn people’s lives around with some feel-good music and a lot of talent. He wants his music to be the kind of music that is warm and reassuring, and he’s done just that.

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