Mark Hamill, Kathy Bates To Appear in “Big Bang Theory” Wedding-Themed Season Finale

Mark Hamill and Kathy Bates are set to appear on the Big Bang Theory wedding-themed season finale and it’s expected to be about as funny as you would imagine. Since Sheldon is such a big Star Wars fan it’s assumed that Hamill is going to be playing himself, while there’s no word yet on what part Bates is going to play. But given that everything revolving around Sheldon and Amy at this point it’s safe to assume that Bates will take up a part that includes being someone that’s outspoken and quite humorous in her own right. Even in her roles among American Horror Story there was always a certain element of humor, so it seems safe to assume that she’ll bring as much as the show can stand, which is thankfully a lot.

To be quite honest Bates and Hamill have been on a roll with the respective careers as of late, Bates a little more than Hamill it would seem since her appearances have been a little more continuous and you kind of expect her characters to either die or dominate within anything she shows up in. Hamill on the other hand kind of surprised a lot of people, or rather the director of The Last Jedi did, with the latest look at his most iconic figure. Luke Skywalker certainly changed over the course of three decades it would seem, though in truth it doesn’t seem like Hamill was all that thrilled about the part he played in TLJ. In fact it seems like he’s not too enthused to be connected to Star Wars any longer now that the original cast is mostly gone. Fans are split on this issue as some think that he should come back as a Force ghost while others think that it’s time to move on from the Skywalker saga and explore the expanded Star Wars universe.

But back to the Big Bang Theory. Who in the world would have ever suspected that Sheldon would one day get married? Honestly, from the first show until now who could have seen this coming? If you think you could have then you might be lying to yourself and trying to fool the rest of us, because quite honestly Sheldon has been one of the most sarcastic and unlikely people to ever meet his romantic match. The guy is just too smart for his own good and seems to use that as a wedge between himself and the rest of society to stay up on his pedestal of superiority. But then again, the saying goes that there’s someone for everyone out there, and obviously that’s true since as we look at the wedding of Amy and Sheldon, however unlikely it might have been, you can imagine that there’s someone out there for just about everyone.

It does help however that Amy is more than just a match for Sheldon. She’s kind of his balancing point and the only one that can really tell him what’s what when she needs to. That’s kind of what makes it work.

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