Five Unintentionally Hilarious Mario Lopez Saved by the Bell Moments

Five Unintentionally Hilarious Mario Lopez Saved by the Bell Moments

Were you a Saved By the Bell fan? Did you happen to have a crush on A.C. Slater? Well even if you didn’t there were a lot of young girls that did because quite honestly Mario Lopez was a hunk back in his day and he’s not too bad looking now either. But during the show he was the kind of guy that every high school girl would fantasize about to some extent. And yes, just like Screech and Zack he did get in on some hilarious antics that either got him in trouble or in hot water with someone. After all that was what high school was really about right? It was that way for some people for certain, but for Slater and the rest of the bunch it was about a lot of things, and getting into funny situations that might not have been meant to be seen as such was one of the key ingredients to this show.

One thing you could always bet on is that no matter how serious things got or how the characters reacted to one another there would always be some hilarity to come, even if it wasn’t supposed to be that way and fans were supposed to react differently. Looking at it as of now though you can’t help but find some humor in those situations that weren’t meant to be that way, and some laughs in moments when it was expected but still wasn’t seen as quite that funny back then.

In some cases you kind of had to be a fan of the show to laugh, but these five clips are enough to show you that the program did have its lighter side.

5. Sexiest Man Alive

Slater had no shortage of self-esteem on the show and it kind of made him a jerk sometimes since he fully believed that he was God’s gift to women now and again. Unfortunately this didn’t always put him in the best light and often the greatest way to deal with guys like this is laughter. Shrugging them off with a good laugh doesn’t mean forgiving them for being arrogant, it simply means that you’re laughing at them for not seeming to get the picture that while some women find them attractive, others find them a bit too much to handle. Slater could fall on either side of that particular line at any given time since he could be a good guy or he could be a real jerk.

4. Slater and Jesse

With Slater and Jesse there was always a chance for a laugh. Slater was the guy that, like Zack, kind of bounced around now and again between women, while Jesse was kind of the odd girl out despite the fact that she was a part of the core of friends that ran the show. Together they made for some great moments and some rather funny ones since Jesse had a fiery attitude on her when she wanted to, and Slater was the kind of guy that would either rise to the fight or just shrug it off and think it wasn’t any big thing. That might sound a little bland but it could make for some seriously comedic moments.

3. Snow White and the Seven Dorks

When the whole gang got together for something it usually tended to come out pretty funny in some regards since they all had different mannerisms that didn’t always mesh together that well. It all depended on if they were in sync or not as to what would happen and who would be considered to be in the wrong, who was being the jerk, and for what reason. Jesse got her moment in the sun, as did Slater, but usually they got overshadowed by Zack and even Screech at times. It all just depended on who was going to shine in that given moment.

2. Brokeback style

To say that Zack and Slater were rivals is putting it lightly since form the day they met they were obviously destined to be similar yet different from get. Slater was the jock that had all the confidence in the world, while Zack was the smooth-talking pretty boy that wasn’t much of a jock and relied heavily on his wit and ability to talk his way out of or into just about anything. These two were destined to get along by not getting along. It makes sense really if you think about it.

1. No Hope with Dope

Occasionally the show would deal with subjects that were still seen as kind of controversial back in the day. As of now a scene like this would be used as a comedic piece no doubt even if it had to add some drama in to get the laugh. Back then though laughing at the drug incident wouldn’t have been the best idea.

Things certainly change.

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