Mandalorian Season 2 Gets a Cool Concept Trailer


At this point we’ve heard that The Mandalorian season 2 is going to be arriving this coming October, which for some is an interminable amount of time to have to wait but for others is enough time to let the rumors flow and the ideas of what’s going to happen formulate in ways that might make sense and might trek off into the stratosphere as people start to think about the many different ways that Mando might attempt to find Baby Yoda, excuse me The Child’s, home planet and his people. That alone is going to be kind of difficult to accept for some since the mystery of where Yoda comes from and who his people were, or are, is something that has been a well-kept secret for a long time, or rather something that George Lucas just didn’t finish up when he was making the character. Wouldn’t that just be kind of a kick in the head if anyone heard from Lucas that he just didn’t find the time or the necessity to create a species when thinking up Yoda? The Jedi Master does have a back story that many people don’t know about, but it has very little to do with the tiny green Force user in The Mandalorian, other than that they are obviously of the same species and could have come from the same place. I say ‘could have’ since it’s not uncommon for species to up and move around the galaxy when it’s deemed necessary to avoid extinction or some other massive issue that threatens them.

But while Baby Yoda is a big and very prominent element for the next season there’s also the thought that Moff Gideon is going to be hot on Mando’s trail since he has a personal score to settle with the warrior and more than that, he has a serious advantage on his side with the darksaber in his possession. Just in case there are still people that don’t know what the darksaber is, it’s basically a lightsaber with a dark, ebony blade that has the same properties of the class of weapons it belongs to. The difference is that the darksaber spent a very long time in the possession of Mandalorian’s and has been something of a prize within the Star Wars franchise during its existence. Seeing that it’s in the hands of an Imperial there’s no doubt that it’s going to be a big factor moving forward since five years after Return of the Jedi it will be interesting to see if Mando, who like all Mandalorians is highly mistrusting of all Force users, will run into any hidden Sith or Jedi that might emerge after learning that the Empire is gone. In a big way it would be nice to see if there are any tie-ins to the movies and whether or not there could be something that emerges that might prompt another spinoff that might be convincing.

Another element that could be great to see if those in charge are willing would be to add in a couple of well-known characters that could possibly appease the fans even more considering that with just enough of an appearance it could boost the show to a new height and continue to keep people on board with the idea. Whether we’ll see any more Mandalorian’s as the concept trailer indicates is hard to say since a good number of them were killed by the end of the first season and the Armorer and Mando were the only ones left. It will be interesting to see if any surviving Mandalorians will be friendly or hostile upon learning that Mando reneged on a bounty and took the individual he was supposed to deliver. After all, the honor of the guild and of the Mandalorian’s is a pretty important thing that’s not to be messed around with.

Another question though is we’ll see any more of the characters from the first season since people are already hoping we see more of Gina Carano as Cara Dune since she was absolutely great. It’d also be nice to see Carl Weathers again and even the Armorer, but at this point details appear to be few and far between. What has been said is that the show could possibly have five seasons to it before concluding, which wouldn’t be horrible since it would give a great deal of time for The Mandalorian to explore more than one story arc and would end things on a high note, hopefully, and leave people with plenty left to watch when it comes to Disney+. If you’ll remember just a month or two ago the thought was that people were leaving the streaming network by the droves after the finale of The Mandalorian, but as it’s been seen lately the site is doing just fine as millions of subscribers have flocked to see what the big deal is all about.

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