Man’s “Christmas Story” LEGO Set Could Become Official

Man’s “Christmas Story” LEGO Set Could Become Official

Man’s “Christmas Story” LEGO Set Could Become Official

If you have ever considered how some ideas get made into official sets put out by the company LEGO, this is a story that is going to help you better understand it. While undeniably most of the sets that you are able to purchase in stores across the country are somehow officially licensed to one company or another, which in kind boosts their likelihood of being purchased, this is not always the case. In some rare instances, an act of pure imagination and determination on the part of a creative builder can peak the interest of the LEGO Review Board to consider creating a new set complete with building instructions.

For those that have ever seen the Christmas classic A Christmas Story, you will find this potential new build fairly exciting depending on how well you liked the film. The entire construction of the proposed set is to build the house of Ralphie’s family during the cold winter season. The detail work for the structure is quite impressive, as you can instantly recognize certain memorable features of both the house and the contents that are stored inside.

If you recall, the house that was used in the film was yellow with blue trim. By seeing this set, you can easily tell these same distinguishing features that have been put together from other LEGO sets. It is unclear from looking at photographs of the build whether or not the individual bricks were painted to better match the hues of the original house, or if the creator (Jason Middaugh) simply acquired the right shades of individual bricks from other sets that were sold in the past.

Middaugh hails from New York, and has always held this holiday classic in high regard since his childhood. You can tell that a lot of time and effort was spent in putting the house and contents together, as everything appears to be symmetrical and detail oriented. Even the famed leg lamp that Ralphie’s dad loved so much can be seen through the window at the front of the house, right next to a LEGO designed Christmas tree.

Simply wishing that all of your hard work and effort would pay off in this kind of honorable fashion is one thing, but getting it to actually happen is quite another entirely. In fact, the process of getting a new set approved apart from the grounds of a franchise giving LEGO the reins to create sets at their discretion, is a tedious process. For third party builders to even get a segment of time before the LEGO Review Board that handles new projects like this, a proposition for this build has to be signed by 10,000 people or more.

Fortunately for Middaugh, he already has almost 9,000 on the list currently going around to have this piece of movie history immortalized in LEGO form. If you are among those that are hopeful that this is something you can get the chance to purchase the next time Christmas rolls around, you might consider signing this for yourself.

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