10 Things You Didn’t Know about Kim Gordon

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Kim Gordon

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Kim Gordon

It’s no secret that the music industry has a short attention span. An artist can go from number one to completely forgotten in a matter of months. So any time someone manages to stick around for decades, it’s a serious accomplishment. After more than 30 years in the business singer/songwriter, Kim Gordon, can say that she’s managed to stick around. After spending 30 years as a member of the band Sonic Youth, Gordon has gone on to have a solo career. She’s also an actress who has made appearances on shows like Gossip Girl, Portlandia, and Gilmore Girls. After all of her of the things she’s contributed to the world of entertainment, I think it’s safe to say that Kim is here to stay. Continue reading for 10 things you didn’t know about Kim Gordon.

1. Music Makes Her Feel Free

Kim is best-known for her music, but it’s actually something she fell into by accident. During an interview she said, “Playing music was just something I fell into. I did have this noise garage band in Toronto that we made in our media class, then I played with these two girls in New York when I first started. It was in these moments I first felt very free, and that’s why I got pulled into it.”

2. She’s An Author

As a creative person, Kim likes to express herself through several different mediums. In 2015, she decided to share her story in the form of a memoir titled Girl in a Band. The book told the story of Kim’s time in Sonic Youth and revealed how difficult it was to be a woman in a band.

3. She Tries To Exercise Every Day

Staying active is something that is important to Kim, especially with the COVID-19 pandemic resulting in her spending much more time at home. She says that she tries to exercise for a little bit every day. In addition to keeping her fit, regular exercise has proven to be quite an effective release.

4. She Canvassed For Bernie Sanders

Kim is a proud supporter of Bernie Sanders and has even canvassed for him. She described the experience to The New Yorker and said, “I only went out a few times. There were a lot of gates and barking dogs, but some people who were home and answered were incredibly receptive, and it was more gratifying than phone banking.”

5. She Thinks Of Herself As A Visual Artist

Most people would consider Kim Gordon a musician, but that isn’t exactly how she views herself. “I don’t identify with being a musician, because I think more as a visual artist…what I always wanted to do was to make art.” Fortunately, Kim’s dream of becoming an artist is now a reality.

6. She’s Been A Part Of Police Brutality Protests

Kim has always been the type of celebrity who uses her platform to speak out against injustices. She has been a very vocal supporter of the Black Lives Matter movement. Recently, she has joined in on local protests against police brutality and has shared resources and information with her followers on social media.

7. Joni Mitchell Is One Of Her Heroes

Over the years, Kim Gordon has become a person that lots of people would call their hero. However, she’s got a few heroes of her own. She says that Joni Mitchell and Janis Joplin are two people she would consider heroes. When it comes to Joni speficically, Kim said, “With Joni, it really did feel like she was bearing her soul.”

8. She Didn’t Plan On Becoming A Fashion Icon

During her time with Sonic Youth, Kim often got a lot of attention for her sense of style. But becoming noticed for her outfits was never her intention. She says, “Honestly, I’m not sure how I came to be thought of as a style icon. But, when I look back at some of the things I wore [in the eighties and nineties], they sort of work in today’s landscape.”

9. She Listens To Hip Hop

Kim Gordon isn’t necessarily a part of the hip-hop community, but she has found inspiration in rap music. Not only has rap inspired her in a creative way, but it’s also been inspirational in her personal life. When she was going through her divorce, she often listened to rap.

10. She Says There’s A Possibility Sonic Youth Could Record Together Again

Sonic Youth lived and died with Kim Gordon’s marriage to Thurston Moore. It’s highly unlikely that the band will ever perform or record together again, but Kim says that anything is possible. Still, if you’re a Sonic Youth fan, a reunion probably isn’t something you should hold your breath for.

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