Man Will Name Son “Goku” (From Dragon Ball) After Getting 1 Million Likes on Photo

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Posted by Carlos Sanchez on Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Yes, you read the title right, a man is trying to petition to get one million likes in order to name his son Goku, like the character from Dragonball Z. It’s not anyone’s place to say what a person should name their kid, but this seems a bit, well, silly. To each their own and all that but it would appear that this guy’s wife is making sure that his desire to name their son after a cartoon character might have backfired on her. If you see the ‘likes’ in the left hand corner then you’ll know that there will be one Goku Sanchez walking the world someday if Carlos’ wife holds to her word. There are stranger names that have been tossed out there and accepted because of who the parents are, but this seems like something that is more for the husband than anything. Naming a child is typically supposed to be something that both parents can agree on, and if the wife honored her word, then she likely did so begrudgingly or with long-suffering tolerance that some men know all too well.

With as many Dragonball Z fans out there that are likely to have fully agreed and supported this, Goku Sanchez now has a name that he’ll be stuck with for life and will have to learn to adapt to and possibly enjoy. Like I said above it’s not the oddest name that’s ever been bestowed upon a kid, but it is one that I’m kind of shaking my head at. I get that people want to name their kids after popular characters and real life celebrities, but where’s the originality? Shouldn’t your kid have a name that’s all theirs, meaning that it wasn’t thought up because of anything or anyone else, it was just picked for them? To each their own is becoming a mantra as of late as I continue to watch people do things simply because they’re influenced by something else and refuse to think for themselves on anything. Yes, you can argue that Carlos loves Dragonball Z so much that he’d gladly give his son a name that the kid could grow to love or hate, but that still seems to support the fact that he needed outside influence to name his own kid.

It’s not an original name but it’s unique enough that his son shouldn’t be running into a lot of Goku’s in school, unless of course it becomes a trend and every other boy will be named Goku in the next ten years. Why names become trendy is hard to fathom but picking a name because it’s already popular and not just because you and your wife agree on it doesn’t exactly say ‘free-thinker’. I do hope that Goku learns to love and accept his name, as there’s nothing wrong with it and the name will become his own. But quite honestly making your case to social media is just about one of the most inane and insane things that could be perpetrated by any parent.

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