When Mahershala Ali Paid The Dude His Respects

When Mahershala Ali Paid The Dude His Respects

Oscars hype has finally died down a bit.  We’ve gotten all of our memes, GIFs, parodies, analysis, and just about everything else out of our systems.  At this point we can sit back, relax, and hopefully move on to going back to what we do best.   What exactly that is I’m not entirely sure of but I think it involves something along the lines of going back to watching movies, analyzing them, sharing our opinions, and looking forward to what’s coming out next.

However, I do want to reflect on one moment in the Oscars that was outstanding.  Perhaps one of the biggest highlights of the night was when Mahershala Ali won best supporting actor for his role in Moonlight.  We’ve already gone over just how long a road Mahershala has taken to get here (almost 20 years and a long stint as a rapper to boot), and I think we all agree he handled his Oscar win with class, dignity and an excellent speech.

But right before he went up on the stage to give his acceptance speech his did something pretty awesome.  He walked by Jeff Bridges, realized who he walked by and then stepped back to shake his fellow nominee’s hand.  In simpler terms, when you have a chance to pay your respects to “The Dude,” that’s exactly what you’re gonna do.

Check out the clip below:

Taking the opportunity to shake The Dude’s hand.

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