Ezra Miller Gets Into Trouble Once Again

Ezra Miller Gets Into Trouble Once Again

Ezra Miller, AKA the guy who plays the Flash in the DC Cinematic Universe, seems to keep making a habit of getting himself into trouble. Okay, let’s just say, this man is indeed the Flash of the DC movies. You may like Grant Gustin more in the CW series and that’s fair. I personally like both actors’ portrayal of the Scarlet Speedster, even though Ezra Miller tends to get the rougher end of the stick. I suppose it’s because his portrayal as Barry Allen was widely criticized in the 2017 Joss Whedon version of Justice League. That is accurate, since Joss Whedon wrote the character to be a more socially awkward geek than a lighthearted man out to do good. And why did he even join the team? It was simply because he needed friends and wanted to experience what brunch was.

That was pretty odd, even though Barry Allen was always shown to be a bit of an awkward dork. That’s okay, because it has always separated him from the other Justice League members. But in the eyes of many fans, Joss Whedon overdid it with some rather unfunny dialogue. That was a disappointing debut for the Flash in his first live-action movie appearance in the DCEU. However, last year’s Snyder Cut really took out most of the cringeworthy dialogue from Joss Whedon’s cut and gave Barry Allen much more to work with.

For instance, that scene during the final battle where he really enters the speed force was probably one of the biggest standout scenes. We never saw that in the original cut because the Flash was too busy saving that one Russian family that we had to keep looking at. And instead of cracking some corny joke, Barry got serious and discovered a power he didn’t know he had. This new ability to actually rewind time is probably the moment Barry discovers he can do the same thing to possibly prevent his mother’s murder. It could also be a great moment for Ezra Miller to really expand on his performance.

Okay, so I’m pretty upset that the Flash movie has been delayed to 2023. That has got to be the fifth time it has been delayed and you know what? I was very pumped for it, especially being able to see Ezra Miller grow further into the role. I think it will be a good movie and he’ll deliver a solid performance. However, with the recent controversy surrounding Ezra Miller, I think the Flash movie could be suffering. Let’s just get it out of the way, Ezra Miller was recently arrested for disorderly conduct and harassment at a bar in Hawaii. Just Google it and you can see his mugshot. He actually looks kind of happy, but I guess that’s the alcohol.

So this kind of behavior from Ezra Miller isn’t really an isolated incident. As we all probably still remember, Ezra Miller was involved in another bar incident back in early 2020. After a small group of people apparently followed him out of the bar and began taunting him, he responded by choking one of them and slamming her to the ground. That was the headline of the video footage that was released and it honestly didn’t even look real. The way Ezra Miller “choked and slammed” the woman supposedly taunting him didn’t look very convincing, at least from my perspective.

Despite the rather unimpressive way Ezra Miller put her to the ground, it was later reported that it wasn’t staged for a joke. Apparently some fans did notice him in a bar in Iceland, decided to follow him outside, and proceeded to get a reaction out of him. So yeah, apparently there was some taunting going on, but no question about it, Ezra Miller should not have reacted the way he did, especially since he was being recorded. Many people, including me, were expecting to hear some sort of statement from Warner Bros. or Ezra Miller himself. But oddly enough, the whole incident was kept quiet. No apology statement was released, no charges were apparently charged, and everyone just moved on with their lives as if nothing happened.

It’s a rather odd situation, especially since I’m constantly hearing about why Warner Bros. fired Johnny Depp from the Fantastic Beasts movies, but have apparently not enforced any disciplinary action on Ezra Miller. I do get that concern, although the two men are suspects of two totally different situations. Speaking of Fantastic Beasts, the third movie will be releasing next month on April 15. While the Flash movie still has a year to go, the next Fantastic Beasts movie is right around the corner. And you can expect more marketing to be releasing for it and you’ll probably see Ezra Miller at one point.

Ezra Miller plays antagonist Credence Barebone in all three movies, a rather significant role. Whether he realizes it or not, his bizarre behavior does fall back on the movie. By being a part of the Harry Potter franchise, Ezra Miller does represent Warner Bros. and the franchise. Since this is another incident in which he has had a physical altercation with a fan, it could very well hurt the movie’s marketing. And on top of that, it will surely make Warner Bros. look bad.

Warner Bros. did make a mistake not addressing the incident that occurred back in 2020. We don’t know what happened behind the scenes, but based on his most recent transgression, it appears Ezra Miller still hasn’t learned his lesson. If that’s the case, then Warner Bros. should enforce some kind of disciplinary action on him. In both incidents, Ezra Miller was doing some heavy drinking, but if that’s the case, then he should get some professional help. Have Warner Bros. arrange some counseling so he can stop drinking and work out his issues or just let him know that this kind of behavior is unacceptable. If they treat this situation like they did with the last incident, then Ezra Miller’s next incident could be much worse.

What are your thoughts? I do enjoy seeing Ezra Miller in his movies and I believe he can come back from this. I believe he shouldn’t be judged for these actions alone, but he should be willing to pay for them. I’m still excited to see Fantastic Beasts 3 and the Flash next year and we’ll surely see him promote both films. And hopefully by then, he gets his issues sorted out and he can move on with his career.

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