This is Why Magneto Can Never Be Part of the MCU

This is Why Magneto Can Never Be Part of the MCU

This is Why Magneto Can Never Be Part of the MCU

There are other reasons why Magneto isn’t in the MCU, but this seems like the most hilarious of the bunch. He wouldn’t be there because virtually everything that those in the MCU use is made of metal of some sort, and what does Magneto do to anything metal? He controls it, he bends it, he twists it, he does whatever the heck he wants to and in terms of how the Avengers would come at him it would be hard indeed to see a chance that they would come out that well.

As a team they might fare alright, but Magneto is in such class by himself that he could manipulate each and every one of their weapons and barely blink. This is a guy that’s capable of causing a planet-wide EMP, or flipping the earths’ magnetic poles upside down if he so desired. You really think the Avengers are going to give him that much trouble? Also, in the movies they haven’t even tapped into his full potential yet, but they’re coming close to showing just how powerful he can be when he’s really good and ticked off.

The only mutant that has really been shown to give him that much trouble in any of the movies has been Apocalypse, and that guy so insanely overpowered that it took the Phoenix finally showing itself in the form of Jean Grey to knock him back. Magneto vs. Apocalypse is a fight that the mutant might not win, but in a brawl against the Avengers the only one that might give him any trouble at all would be the Hulk.

Here’s a rundown of how it might go:

Magneto easily deflects Captain America’s shield but instead of simply casting it away he takes control of it and starts winging it at the Avengers as they’re forced to duck and dodge out of the way. Any arrows that Hawkeye sends his way are turned back upon the Avengers, and Iron Man and Vision are swiftly used as battering rams to harry them even further. The only one not affected in some obvious way by the mutant is the Hulk, who wouldn’t be shamed into not fighting as it shows in the mockup.

Hulk would do his best to get to Magneto, who would then be forced to deal with behemoth by keeping him a distance until he can find a better solution. If Magneto was thinking straight he could then disrupt the electrical impulses in Hulk’s brain, yes he can do this, rendering the big brute useless for the fight. And Thor’s hammer? Add it to the growing list of weapons that Magneto has to hurl at the heroes, all the while keeping his own personal force field erected, thereby keeping out all but the heaviest of hitters indefinitely. And if they’re too busy ducking and dodging a shield, arrows, and a magical hammer, as well as an out of control android and a suit of armor, then they’re not going to be as effective reaching Magneto.

In short, he’s not invited to the party because he would dominate it.


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