Madam Secretary Sneak Peek: War or Peace?

Madam Secretary

World peace. It has been the one thing that almost every country in the world today is trying to strive for. It’s also the go-to answer for beauty pageant contestants. Yet in this Sunday’s episode of Madam Secretary, peace is about to be interrupted with a hint of war. Why is it that every time there’s talks about peace, there’s bound to be something that causes violence and chaos?

Pakistan and India are in the process of reaching peace between their two countries when a plane from Pakistan crashed in India. It was then discovered, as shown in the clip on the CBS website (sorry Canada) that the plane contained a nuclear warhead. Who is responsible for transporting the warhead? Could it be Disah? Or could it be that some reluctant Pakistani military official does not want peace between his country and India? I have a theory that it’s more the former than the latter because the man still needs to be tracked down.

Speaking of which, I sincerely hope that Hijiryyah will be able to help the U.S track down her husband and bring him to justice for what he has done. Then again, there is a possibility of her double-crossing them just when the U.S government are on the verge of taking down a known terrorist leader and his group of followers. We will know for sure on Sunday!

Elizabeth will try to convince the Pakistani Prime Minister to tell his military to stand down so that the peace talks can still happen without having to start World War III. I’m sure that the Secretary of State will find an agreeable solution as she always does. It certainly makes one wonder why actual government officials don’t really do the things that their television counterparts do. I guess that’s the reality between fact and fiction.

There are four more episodes left before the second season finale and I have to say, things are about to get more and more dramatic as the finale draws closer. Hopefully it will be renewed for more seasons in the future because it’s too good to be taken off the air, wouldn’t you agree?

Photo/Link via CBS

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