Madam Secretary Review: War, Peace and a Broken Dishwasher?

Madam Secretary Review: War, Peace and a Broken Dishwasher?

Madam Secretary

It is said that there’s no peace without war. In this week’s episode of Madam Secretary, however, whoever coined this particular phrase is about to get a different perspective. The countries of Pakistan and India are coming together on U.S soil to finally sign a peace treaty after countless years of violence and aggression. Everything seemed to be going well until a Pakistani plane crash-landed in Indian territory. To top it all off, it’s carrying a hydrogen bomb.

The two Prime Ministers then fight over who gets to defuse the bomb before it detonates and kills countless innocent civilians. Pakistani Prime Minister Khoosat wants his bomb team to defuse the bomb while Indian Prime Minister Velma wants her bomb team to handle the task. It’s like watching two kids argue over which is the best way to do something with their parents playing referee.

Elizabeth then came up with a compromise that the U.S bomb team will defuse the bomb along with the Pakistani team given that they’re the ones familiar with the bomb’s design and technology. The Indian team will also be present as they will oversee the entire process. Everyone is happy, for now. Score one for the Secretary of State.

When Russell came into the coffee room and exclaimed that the bomb has been defused, it almost gave Elizabeth a heart attack, spilling her coffee in the process. That particular scene made me snicker a little as I thought that nothing could scare Elizabeth unless it involved her family and of course, National Security. Guess there’s a first time for everything.

Speaking of time, the episode also touched on the Doomsday Clock, the metaphorical clock that represents a countdown to midnight to a possible global catastrophe like a nuclear war or explosion or that global warming will finally take a toll on the planet in which we have the privilege of calling home. The clock is currently set at three minutes to midnight in real life in case any of you were wondering. I don’t quite understand how this Doomsday Clock works. How do they know when to set it and how many minutes to midnight to set it for?

Meanwhile, Henry and Jane goes to talk to Laila to convince her to send another email to Hijiryyah. The former teacher refused after thinking that her potential citizenship status is in jeopardy (thanks a lot, Jane) and later sends Hijiryyah a warning email that the U.S government is looking for her. At least Henry was able to smooth things over by going to Laila’s house and told her the truth about why the U.S government is looking for Hijiryyah, to which the former Libyan teacher gave Henry a class photo to send with an email that would pinpoint Hijiryyah’s exact location. Score one for Henry!

I also liked the brief interactions between Mr. and Mrs. McCord in this episode. Elizabeth brought up the topic of the broken dishwasher to which Henry said that he ordered the part and will take care of it. That whole scene with Elizabeth convincing her husband to let the plumber fix it without putting a dent in Henry’s abilities to take care of things around the house was perfect. It’s like what every wife out there tends to do when their husbands aren’t really handymen.

Score one for Henry again when Earl the plumber said that the dishwasher was working fine and only charged for his time. I facepalmed when Elizabeth said to herself that she could be late in getting into work before following her husband upstairs. Then again, Henry earned the morning quickie for his efforts. I hope he’s not too tired for what’s to come if you know what I mean. On a side note, I am super stoked that the show is renewed for a third season! More Elizabeth and Henry goodness! Yes!

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