Who from the MacGyver Cast Will Have the Most Post Show Success?

Who from the MacGyver Cast Will Have the Most Post Show Success?

Who from the MacGyver Cast Will Have the Most Post Show Success?

There are still those people that claim that MacGyver was a classic show that should have never been touched again unless it brought back the original cast. Unfortunately not everyone could be brought back and those that were brought on did have the acting chops to take on the project. The cast members that made this show possible again has gained a decent following but there’s reason to believe that it might not be nearly as popular as the original. After all MacGyver was seen as someone that could take a stick of chewing gum, a rubber band, and his general surroundings and ruin the bad guys day in a big hurry.

He’s always been the master improviser that could do just about anything and wow the audience with his skills. But in this day and age people want so much more from their shows that it’s hard to bring back something like this show that gives the most life to the most implausible stunts and makes them seem real. Then again, people do love the show and as much heat as it got initially, before it was even a realization, it’s been decent enough.

So what’s going to happen to the cast when their number is up or the show ends?

5. Meredith Eaton – Matty Webber

Don’t ever judge someone on their size, as Meredith has been a rather great actress in her time thus far. She got her start in 1999 and has been going ever since, appearing in some of the more well known films and shows around Hollywood such as two of the Paranormal Activity movies and shows such as NCIS and CSI. It’s obvious you can’t count her out at any point since she’s bound and determined to make her career work. She did after all beat out 500 other women for her first movie role. I’d say her career is going to be whatever she wants it to be.

4. Justin Hires – Wilt Bozer

Hires hasn’t done a whole lot in his career when it’s pitted against others but he’s been busy enough. He hasn’t appeared in a movie since 2014 and at the moment MacGyver seems to be the only project he’s working on unless there’s something that hasn’t been documented as of yet. He did star in the TV adaptation of Rush Hour but it didn’t seem to go anywhere, and he did provide a voice role for The Lion Guard on Disney. He’s not without options when it comes to his career, but it seems like he might be taking it easy at the moment and not focusing on too much.

3. Tristin Mays – Riley Davis

Tristin is another actor that probably won’t have any trouble finding work whenever she’s done with MacGyver but hasn’t really done a lot in the time since she joined the cast. The last movie she was in was The Wedding Ringer in 2015 and she’s been a part of the show ever since. She’s also been featured in Switched At Birth, but aside from that most of her other works are behind her. Whether she continues to add to her resume or not moving on will be interesting to see.

2. George Eads – Jack Dalton

His film career might not be what he leans on when it’s time to move on from the show but his TV resume is fairly extensive which means that he might very well have a shot at landing on another show or two when his time’s up. Right now he’s one of the main characters on the show and is more or less invaluable, but when it comes time to move on there’s a chance that he might stick to TV rather than go anywhere else.

1. Lucas Till – Angus MacGyver

Lucas has made his career mostly off of film, and of those roles his most recognizable thanks to the success of the franchise would be Havok from the X-Men films. Unless there’s a reboot or someone finds a way to bring his character back however there’s nothing to say that he’ll continue on with the franchise anytime soon since Havok was killed in X-Men: Apocalypse. That doesn’t mean however that there aren’t any other roles he couldn’t take on in the future in another franchise. He’s proven that he’s worth having on the cast and has also managed to rack up an impressive array of credits on TV as well. With his talent and the idea that he could go pretty much anywhere it’s a safe bet that Lucas will be the most likely to find a role whenever the show is over.

To be quite honest every person on this list has a chance to go on to something bigger and possibly better when their time on the show is over, but a couple of them do stand a better chance than the others simply because they’ve been more consistent.

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