Choreographing the Witcher’s Kikimora Battle with Vladimir Furdik

There’s a couple of reasons to be impressed with this video and one of them is that the Kikimora battle in The Witcher was one of the most intense despite being so brief since it introduced Geralt of Rivia in a manner that was easy to agree is very cool and doesn’t waste too much time on exposition, which comes later on. The second of course is that Vladimir Furdik, the fight coordinator that put this fight scene together, did in fact play the part of the Night King in Game of Thrones, which is its own sort of awesome but helps to bring a bit of a ‘wow’ factor to The Witcher since when finding out just who’s involved with a movie it’s usually nice to hear that it’s being tended to by people that have been in the business for a while and have the kind of reputation that can help to bolster a project. With that being said the Kikimora fight had to be a rather tough one to get down since not only is the monster completely CGI, but the dynamics of the fight would have to be nailed shot for shot and the skill of the fight coordinator and the actor to get everything right would be crucial as well. Fighting an opponent with two arms is hard enough at times when dealing with CGI, but fighting a creature that has multiple arms/legs and is extraordinarily quick would be even tougher, especially when a person has to act as though they’re fighting something that isn’t really there.

So far The Witcher has been a truly impressive show that a lot of people have latched onto and are ready to see a second season from. Unfortunately it’s going to be a while until we finally get to see how Geralt and Ciri move forward, along with Triss, and Yennefer, and everyone else as the story progresses. It would be a great time for those that are interested to read the books and see how the story progresses and what happens to those that are pertinent to the story. There is a lot of story to be processed and it doesn’t all focus around Geralt, as Ciri and Yennefer take a great deal of prominence in some of the books while the story will eventually go back the main character. But in the time between now and when the show finally does make its way back to Netflix it might be worth reading in order to anticipate just what could happen and what the show might offer up in terms of content. This isn’t to say that everything is going to go as it’s been written, but it could turn out to be even more intriguing moving forward than it’s already been, which is saying something since The Witcher actually went on to outshine The Mandalorian in its first season, and given how popular the Disney+ original show was that’s an extreme mark in the shows favor. Travis Clark of the Business Insider had more to say on this matter.

One thing that’s very obvious about The Witcher thus far though is that there is a lot of drama, a lot of intrigue and back-stabbing going on, and it does deal with politics in a way that is reminiscent of the real world, but in a much deadlier manner. Geralt thankfully will usually steer himself away from the political aspects as he tries to do what he can to make money as a monster hunter, while at the same time trying to put up with those that cross his path from time to time such as Jaskier, Yennefer, and several others. His fights with supernatural beings make it clear that despite being kind of a badass he’s still well aware of how powerful and how tricky the creatures he’s fighting can be, and isn’t likely to take them at face value since he does make it clear that in any fight he might not be the one standing at the end. This could be a part of what sets this show apart from so many others, as the hero is a grumpy, standoffish individual that tends to want to be alone more often than not and does realize his limitations in a big way no matter that he is insanely tough most times and yet was taken down by a group of ghouls near the end of the first season. In other words he’s fallible despite being inordinately tough.

Hopefully once the coronavirus is behind us, and that’s a big hope for a lot of people, it won’t be all that long, relatively speaking, before we’ll see season 2 of The Witcher come back to Netflix. The story was just ramping up as the first season ended and Geralt and Ciri finally met, so it’d be nice to get things going again in order to see even more spectacular fight scenes like the one above. As of now and according to Rob Dwiar of Techradar it likely won’t be coming until 2021.

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