Girl Brings Witchcraft to Asia’s Got Talent

Girl Brings Witchcraft to Asia’s Got Talent

Girl Brings Witchcraft to Asia’s Got Talent

And the ‘creepiest act’ award goes to the girl that brings witchcraft onto Asia’s Got Talent. I could come up with a long list of descriptive words that would probably fit this performance pretty well. The fact that this young woman comes walking out onto the stage with a doll in one hand, her hair covering her face like Samara in The Ring, and a serious tic that is hard to equate with a mentally healthy person seems to cover everything that could be said. The judges don’t even know how to take her and if not for this being a show I think they might well have called the police to take the girl into custody just for being this forward.

It’s not even the eerie way she doesn’t talk until close to the end of her act, but it is the way that she just makes her way off stage to walk behind the judge’s table before finally standing in front of it. She then hands one judge a key to hold in his hands, well really she more or less pulls his hand forward and then puts the key in it before covering it with his other hand. Then she hands another judge a pack of cards to hold. Then she walks behind the judges, pauses for just and instant, and then goes to stand in front of the middle judge as she then takes a picture. She’s got that same weird tic the entire time as she’s moving around, but it doesn’t seem to bother her or affect what she’s doing.

After the photo she takes the key from the first judge’s hand and puts it in her own, and the key slowly but surely rotates, doing a 180 turn as it goes from lying flat to standing on its side, and then back to lying flat facing the opposite direction. Okay, yes, that’s creepy, but not impossible to explain. Then she goes to the other judge, takes the cards, motions for him to pick one out, and then puts it back in the deck. She then performs one of the oldest card tricks in the world by selecting his card out of the deck, after somehow moving half the stack without touching them.

These tricks are so far easy enough to explain, but after revealing what the picture, a miniature Polaroid it looks like, reveals, it’s hard to imagine just how the image of the girl, a ghostly image at that, shows up in the photograph. There are explanations of course but the one you might get from me might not be the one you want. The card and the key could be explained by expert magicians, but the camera shot showing the ghostly figure of the girl behind the middle judge is one that seems like it might be a little trickier. My only guess is that the camera, which is as obviously staged as the other items, is somehow programmed with her image already in its memory. I don’t know how it works, but it seems like her image would show up on each and every picture that camera took.

That’s my explanation. It’s not perfect but it’s what comes to mind.

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